February 14, 2010

Adoring Harry Potter

*I wrote this stuff about Harry Potter last year of February. I posted this one on my blog which I eventually deleted. But I do love to share it in my new blog because I LOVE Harry Potter.*

 It’s the rarest thing to achieve what Joanne Kathleen Rowling did. Of course, her fateful creation of Harry Potter has put her in a place she might not even imagine in her whole life. Her Harry Potter has been loved, admired and anticipated by the people all over the world including me. I wanted to say that JK Rowling is one kind of a genius! I already finish reading the seven books of Harry Potter and it’s a big WOW! It’s so hard to put in exact words for me to describe the great fun I experience as I read her books because it’s just tremendous. Perhaps in the future I will encounter some novels as good as Harry Potter but I will absolutely never forget it because the book has given me a distinct mark in myself that only Harry Potter can produce.

One thing that makes Harry Potter appealing to many of us is because it talks about magic. I don’t know about you but for me, I definitely love magic. The story has shown us that there is a world where magic is made possible and that’s one of the great things about the book. It shows a different perspective of the word witchcraft. Because in reality, we cannot deny the fact that we are against of its ideas and ways because though there is a question if it really exists, we are accustomed to believe that it is from the work of the devil. But in the book, witchcraft is no different from the definition of talent that we know. Indeed, in the book, it says that it is a skill that only a chosen few are given, thus, should be molded and be developed. Those people who can perform magic (who are called witch if female and wizard if male) in Harry’s world are treated to be blessed, hence, they are envied. So magic adds to the thrill of the story because our wildest imaginations are materialized there: A human who has a capacity to transform into an animal, be it a dog, a rat, a cat, a beetle, a stag and more; an invisible flying car; a flying broomstick; a moving and talking figure in a painting or picture; a potion which makes your bones grow; a potion which can transform you to a different person; a potion which forces you to tell the truth; a talking hat that can read your mind; a cloak that once worn you become invisible; a spell that can bring back a broken glass to its original form; and a lot more! It sounds so absurd but you can’t disapprove to say that it’s really entertaining. As for me, there are times that I just wish that that world is real because I want to experience those magic face to face. But then reality slapped me to the face to awaken this girl that such wish can never be born in our world. Good thing about the book is that once you read it, it’s as if you are in there and you taste those magic like for real.

Another good thing about this book is that unexpected things happen. When you think that you already know what will happen next, the author would suddenly turn the story 180 degrees and you would just tell yourself, “Gosh, I never thought about that!” It is certainly unpredictable; the outstanding twists will surely squeeze all the excitement you feel deep within. Mysteries after mysteries are always present and they make you stick until the end for you to know the story behind those. Surprises! Yeah, talk about surprises and you will be fed. Indeed, reading Harry Potter is like a ride you can’t afford to miss.

The book is rich with great lessons and realizations in life. There are so many things you can learn from it. Some lessons are not new to us but the book has given us a different clear picture which helps remind to obtain that specific virtue. One thing that I will not forget is what Professor Dumbledore said to Harry Potter, “Your choices determine who you are, far more than your abilities.” In a time such like mine when I am frustrated of who I am, I need to hear this thing. I need to know that I am best defined by the things I choose. No matter what I got from my parents, it can do nothing if I choose something different from it. We can choose to be good. We can choose to be successful. We can also choose to give up the fight. But then again, we can choose to press on until we get what we want. Now or later, we shall realize the power of the choices we make in our lives. Another lesson that I didn’t miss to notice is about doing good at any circumstances. The book shows us that the good things you do to other people will come back to you in greater measure. Yes, we really do not know that every time we do good things, we always get a reward or blessing, all I know is that Someone is looking down at us and He doesn’t forget to record things. And what I’m really sure is, doing good is still the better one to do even if we’re talking about what to do to our enemies. Harry Potter (the character) has helped his most outstanding tormenter in his life and never regretted it because things change in a desirable way. Even if Harry Potter is a mere fantasy, it reflects reality: about friendship, family, love, forgiveness, trust, courage and a lot more. One more lesson that has struck me in an amazing way is the reason why we should believe that good always wins over evil. I just understand that evil knows nothing about love and on the other hand, it is love which the good person uses as its greatest weapon. For love is the root of every virtue: hope, courage, faith, patience, perseverance, resilience, humility and mention lots of others. Rich! Yes, I can assure you that Harry Potter is rich with lessons. I only indicate few but there’s really a lot!

Harry Potter is really amazing to the extent that it saddens me to know the fact that his story ends in the seventh book. I will miss Harry Potter (may movie pa naman eh!!hehe), I mean, I am missing it already! Anyway, I had FUN! You know what guys, a book like this is worth spending our time for!

PS Thank you Jayson for lending me your ‘Arry Potter books..hehe

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