February 09, 2010

all time favorite song?

I first heard this song last 2005 when our lab instructor in Chem 16 gave us a cd containing songs which speak about his life.. So there, the song was there and at first hear I instantly love it. I don't know how many million times I've listened to it, but I tell you, it's really quite a lot. Sometimes you can't have a sensible reason why you love something, you just know that you love it because that's what you're heart is telling you. So I'm sorry if I can't give a very nice answer if why I love the song, it's just soo relaxing, calming to hear.. That's just it! I know that there are other songs that really fit to my answer but 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' by Sheryl Crow is just one of a kind. Don't get me wrong, I can't relate with the message of the song because I am/wasn't in that situation, nevertheless, I love it. It's already been five years but I still keep on playing and playing it on my MP4. Goodness!!

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