February 12, 2010

fun, fun night: yesthursday

Last night was a blast! I had an amazing, great time in UP Fair. My most favorite Pinoy band had performed and it was worth the long waaaiiiittt. Haha.. I really love Parokya Ni Edgar and I was really satisfied by their performance last night. They're only suppose to sing 3 songs but they made them 7, yes SEVEN.. Wohoo! These are the songs they performed: Buloy, Para Sayo, Halaga, Picha Pie, Akala, The Yes Yes Show and Ordertaker. Fun, fun & fun. I love you Chito Miranda. I will always be your follower. There were lots of Pinoy bands performing and I am amused that I was able to see Spongecola and Silent Sanctuary performing live for the first time. I love some of their songs. I was glad that Spongecola sang 'Di Na Mababawi' and I was frustrated that Silent Sanctuary didn't sing 'Ikaw Lamang'. :-( And hey, Pedicab's vocalist is handsome and I thought to myself that this cute guy resembles a lot to Jao Mapa.. Then I've mentioned about it to my roommate and she said they're siblings (haha, great).. Anyways, I should check their songs because I think I'm gonna love them.. As usual, Kamikazee's vocalist Jay showed his power of exotic performance, it's cool though.hehe. We were there around 7:30pm and we left 2:30 in the morning because Parokya performed late, maybe 1:30 am. And I couldn't leave because my main reason why I attended that fair is to watch Parokya live and if it should take long hours to wait then I can endure it. The song that lead me to love Parokya Ni Edgar is 'Halaga'. :-) So my favorite part of his performance was when he sang 'Halaga' and had an introduction like this: "Since birthday ko naman last february 7, puwede ko bang kantahin ang pinakapaborito kong kanta? Ito na.."--haha, clap, clap, it was 'Halaga'.. So let me sing a part of it: "Sa libu-libong pagkakataon na tayo'y nagkasama iilang ulit pa lang kitang nakitang masaya. Naiinis akong isipin na ginaganyan ka niya. Hindi ba niya alam ang iyong tunay na halaga?.." Hahays, great song. After Parokya's seven songs, there's FIREWORKS... Indeed, what a grand firework display.. :-) Thank you Rona for being the best companion. Kuya, I was worried you didn't have fun but I hope I have the wrong assumption.. Sorry for being such an uncool buddy.. I lab you. ;-D

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