March 01, 2010

miss you like crazy movie

I already watched "Miss You Like Crazy" on big screen with my two cool friends named Rona and Ramona in Sta. Lucia Metro East for only P115. As you should know, I only watch Filipino movies in cinemas if it's under Star Cinema, haha, sorry I'm absolutely biased. Well, I almost break that trend when I agreed with Rona that we'll watch Kimmy Dora together with her boarding house mates but then circumstances didn't allow it because the schedule they had agreed upon was the time for me to study for an exam. You see, I bring a record of watching Filipino movies in cinemas only under Star Cinema namely, Bcoz of U, Feng Shui, Mr. Dreamboy, A Very Special Love and yeah, the latest is this John Lloyd and Bea's movie.

It's a beautiful movie, though I can't say that it's one of the best. I laughed but I cried more (as if I can relate,haha).. John Lloyd is really a good actor.. There's this scene in Malaysia wherein they've finally met after two years of separation, of no connection, John Lloyd is really effective on how he indirectly showed his aches to see Bea again. For sure, Bea also did a good job.

No doubt that Bea is really pretty but she's even prettier in this movie, like she's glowing..hmm..
They're really a beautiful pair.. Why can they never be for real? (haha.. humirit pa)

This movie shows that love can be established for just a very short time. It is not impossible to find love after knowing that person for just three days or so and so. Yeah, just like from what the movie has said, "Love has no time frame."

This movie also shows that WAITING is the greatest expression of how you love that someone.. Of course, only a heart that truly loves can willingly wait for a long expand of time.

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