February 17, 2010


first name:

first crush:
>> uhmm.. grrr.. I forgot his name.. Apology, I was yet very young, like 5 years old.

first bestfriend:
>> Jimmarie
          -when I was in Grade 1. Well, I treated her as my bestfriend that time.

first girlfriend:
>> XD.. I'm a girl.

first thing you do when you wake up in the morning:
>> Open my eyes.. haha.. what else??!!

first person that crosses your mind when you wake up in the morning:
>> no one.. for the mean time..

first time you drank liquor:
>> year 2006, I think..with my parents' permission.

first time you failed an exam:
>> when I was in fourth year high school, in my Physics subject.. Physics sucked that time. But not anymore this time because Physics rocks, thank you to my Physics subjects in college.

first love:
>> mother.. :-) (super true!!)

first kiss:
>> mother.. :-) I presume, after I was born.

first impression of people on you:
>> silent and shy (yeah, they go together..)

first person you would tell an exciting event that just happened to you:
>> my mother or my sister

first thing you do when you get mad:
>> I don't talk, and I match it with sour face..

first thing you do when you're with friends..
>> greet them. haha..

first color you liked:
>> pink.

first toy you remember playing:
>> jack stone

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