March 07, 2010

follow thy heart

Let me tell you one thing (one thought) for this day:

You've got your own soil. If other people are growing well on a Mollisols (thick, dark organic surface horizon) that doesn't mean you also have to be planted there, you should know that there are still twelve (12) other types of soil. You don't define yourself by what is the bandwagon and no one ever said that you have to follow it. What fits to her doesn't mean that it also fits to you. You've got to discover and search for yourself your own, unique perfect fit. Sometimes and always, the answers that you want cannot be caught from others but only through you.

In other words, follow your heart because God resides in there. Significant people in your life are only to guide you, not to drag you to somewhere they want you to be.

Please, follow your heart because again, God resides in there.
Follow your heart because no one knows yourself better than your heart.


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