April 01, 2010

Kid, I was

Kids ask and wonder everything they take notice of. They have so many 'whys' and 'whats' and if they don't get any answers from their questions, they formulate their own foolish answers. I am a kid once, yeah, we are kids once in our lifetime and we know how we think that time. Haha. Read my mind when I was a kid. I bet I was not a freaky kid, just the usual one.

1. We had a radio before which my mama, papa, nanay, auntie and some of them folks listened to dramas and news. I was really fascinated by the voice that's coming from that object and asked myself, "How come that person has able to enter inside our radio?" And sometimes when no one's around, I went peeking inside the radio with the hopes to find a human there but to no avail. Haha, Kid, I was.

2. I had seen snow on television and envied it. Adults said that they're only experienced on some parts of the world and will never be experienced here, so they asked me to stop wishing about it.. But they never knew that in my quiet time, there were times that I prayed to God to give us snow here in the Philippines. Obviously, God never comply to my prayer, nevertheless, I still believe in Him. I just thought that time that if I've been a good girl to my parents, He might have answered my foolish prayer. Kid, I was.

3. Mama told me once that sweeping is a work. One day, while I was sweeping I asked mama why is papa not around at home most of the time. She told me that he's out there working for us to have money. Then I stopped and asked her once more, "You said sweeping is a work. Why didn't I get any money?" My mama just laughed. Kid,I was.

4. Mama told me another thing again, she said that when women get married they changed their last name but she missed to clarify that they are replaced by their husband's surname. So after I knew it, I got a notebook and listed some cool last names of my classmates (this was in Grade One) and chose the one that stood out and told myself, "When I get married, I would choose this name to be my new surname." hehe, Kid, I was.

5. I used to believe that parents are perfect. You know, they never get wrong.. I thought that as you get older, you reach perfection.

6. I believed what the commercials said or showed on tv. If they showed that you would fly if you eat their product, then I would believe it. I can't remember if it's Cloud-9 (the chocolate) but there's this product on tv that if you would eat it, you would fly. Well, that's what I had seen, the kid ate it and to his surprise, he suddenly flew. I was so amazed and wanted to fly myself. So my mother bought me a Cloud-9 and I was very excited to eat it for the first time and fly! Yeah, you know what happened next, I got frustrated because I never did fly. :-c From that time on, I already had some angst on advertisements. Kid, I was.

7. I had this belief that all babies have the same color when they’re born, they’re all white. Some just turn black because they expose their selves too much under the sun.



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