April 12, 2010

our secret business

I am fascinated by the fact that my sister values something so much by a certain thing we have agreed upon before. I am suppose to remember it, unfortunately, because of lots of things coming in my way, i eventually push it aside and forget it. But my sister reminded me that, of course, we have a sister business agreement and it's a promise for us to make it happen no matter what the word 'promise' truly means. I am just touched that my sister values it and reminds me that, "hey ate, we have this agreement."

It started when we, the dreamers, wanted to put up a business in the future in our city. We want an original one,  we want to be a pioneer (just in our city), we want something unique but will generate quiet an income. Then I thought of something great and she totally agreed upon it. Then we got excited and wrote stuff and stuff related to our future business, you know, the details. It's quiet a bold business but a good one. Then we have agreed to keep it to ourselves and should be a secret for just the two of us for us to be sure no one will imitate it. haha.. We shall keep it to ourselves until we make it happen. Are we really serious? I guess so, because I see it in the eyes of my sister as she reminded me of our 'secret business'. Why not? A dream is meant to be fulfilled no matter how unreachable it might be.

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