May 20, 2010

blah blah about PBB Teen Clash

The PBB Teen Clash of 2010 is getting more exciting as the two teams ( The Pinoy Teens and The Teenternational housemates) are already living in the same house, the villa house. This setting makes me not wanting to miss anything. Now that Bret has the opportunity to "flirt" get closer to Fretzie, what will Patrick's reaction be? Jealous definitely but he can perhaps do more than that, like backstabbing just what he did to Ivan. This is also a chance for us to see who Fretzie really likes: Bret or Ivan. Haha.. There can only be one, Fretzie girl. :-) If I were asked, as Fretzie's supporter, I hope Fretzie would choose Ivan but if she falls for Bret, well, not bad. Ivan should realize that now that two more of Fretzie's admirers are there, he should come out from his comfort zone and be as competitive as Bret and Patrick so that he will not lose Fretzie. He might has the looks better than anybody else but his timid character may put him to the edge.

It's so amusing seeing Yen's reaction and facial expression towards Jack. She can't hide it, she likes Jack. They might not be a perfect pair but I like the crispy and warm infatuation going on. I just hope that Yen will not be evicted this Saturday so that we'll know how their story will develop.

Tonight's primetime episode will be a sad one for Tricia. They choose Devon's birthday celebration, not hers, not even one person chooses to be with her. I may not like Tricia, I even hate her sometimes but I pity her that moment.. She should really change if she wanted to be liked.

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