June 12, 2010

Goodbye Tricia

Tricia's out and I'm happy. My text votes were not put in vain. I simply don't like Tricia and I wanted her out. I don't want her to create some assumptions that people like her, that viewers see her changes and that majority of us believe that her actions are alright. It's not just right to give her wrong impressions especially now that we know that she's histrionic. You know, it's like helping her in a way.

To all Tricia lovers and Tricianatics:
Sorry, but I think you should lay down your reasons why you love her because I'd been pondering for such enough time but never has one. Come on, open my eyes and let me see. If you can. (peace..haha)

Anyways, these are my Big 6:
1. Fretzie = My Big Winner
2. Ivan = My Big Winner's Soulmate (haha)
3. Devon = I like her
(Good thing they're already sure to be in the Big Night..)
4. Ryan = Oh, I just love Lyan. Funny to the max.
5. James = ah, eh, you know, cute.
6. Jenny = I like her too. She has the typical Korean personality I've seen in Korean series.. :D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dayyymmmnn! sayang si jenny noh? it's a rarity for koreans to have big boobs pero sya meron, tapos ngayon di sya kasali sa big 6?! for crying out loud, BIG 6! (she has the big twins kaya apat nalang ang kukunin sa ibang housemates)
hey, i'm nt a pervert! defensive lang! nyehe!


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