July 31, 2010

I don't heart Indie films

My friend might be disappointed by this, but I need to say that I don't appreciate Indie films. I am not amazed. I even wonder why many of those films bag awards here and abroad. Yeah right, I'm not that a film-critic type of a person so I don't have those eyes that can see beyond those too much bitter truths that indie films showcase. Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Lola, Magnifico and the latest one that I've viewed, Mayohan, give me a deafening message that, “Life is super-duper harsh!”. After watching those movies, I am neither enlightened nor inspired but burdened. I am burdened by the painful truths and frustrated that until the end those truths have not been resolved. Just like Mayohan, until the very end Lilibeth (Lovi Poe) is still that badly-judged (as a slut) girl wherein she accepts that identity so men in her community don't respect her, physically and emotionally. She is still that impure teen and who knows, might even get worse. :-( I watch movies because I want fun, excitement, thrill, kilig factor thingy, inspiration and action but Indie films can't give me these things. I've seen enough bitter truths accompanied with sad endings in life itself. Do I have to encounter them more in films? No, please, I want happy-endings; I want a feel-good one. I want to see something that after those full-blown hardships comes victory.

I'm sorry if I'm a shallow-minded person when it comes to movies. Indie film is simply not my thing. I am not saying though that I will never watch Indie films again. I might watch some more if it's academically required and I'm urged by friends. But this I would do, I will never expect anything. For when you have no expectations, you will never be in a position to get frustrated.

I am not a critic, I am merely an ordinary movie viewer.


Anonymous said...

hehehe... hello.

ako, ok lang naman sa akin ang indie films, pero kapag sekswal na ang topic ng indie film, hindi ko na masyadong trip.

naalala ko nun, nagrent pa kami ng VCD ng masahista ng kuya ko kasi sabi nila maganda daw at madaming award na nakuha pero ayun, hindi ako nagandahan ng konti. hahaha. :)

jellian said...

hehe.. hi narsmanang, salamat sa pagdaan at pag-comment. :-)


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