August 28, 2010

Vanzie: The Best PBB Teen Clash Loveteam

Ivan Dorschner and Fretzie Bercede is the best loveteam from the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. Few will disagree to my claim but I know that much many will strongly agree with me. During the Pinoy Big Brother, wherein the show didn't actually promote the pair, the two still gain lots of fans. Their Facebook fanpage is the proof: They've got more than 80,000 fans and counting! They have the highest numbers of fans compared to other PBB Teen Clash loveteams like Bretzie, Patzie, Jamli, Jaevon, Jenyan and Trivan. So I'm expecting that ABS-CBN will give these two beautiful beings lots of projects together because I'm quite confident that they will be a hit. Come on, ABS-CBN, we are waiting! :))

They are just perfect together. They made me 'kilig' in their PBB days and I know for sure that the 'kiligness' that I felt before will be more intense when I'll see them acting together on tv. This is the first time that I'm supporting a loveteam and I'm hoping that ABS-CBN won't let me down.

*By the way, they like each other. :)*

August 14, 2010

when having a Kuya makes a difference

I have a favorite story between me and my Kuya. It happened a long time ago, way back in 1998, when I was in my 4th grade and he was in his 5th grade. It is something I couldn't forget because that moment reminded me how it is a relief and a blessing to have an older brother. When I was in a state of distress and badly needed a defender, Kuya unexpectedly came to my rescue.

Here's the story.

I had this classmate who, according to them, had a crush on me. He's cute but I didn't (as in never) like him because he's got a loud personality. You may think that it's flattering on my part to be admired but no, he's like having a different crush every month so I was like "the crush of the month". So what's flattering about that? We see a potential chick boy right there. (hehe) My classmates, I don't know why, loved to tease us always. I didn't really care about it at first but eventually, it became annoying so I expressed my dislikes about it. I would utter, "Stop it, I don't like him" or worse, "Dugh, pangit (ugly) siya!" Sometimes, this boy do hear me and he would not react about it so I totally forgot that he's not a rock, unable to absorb pain. I didn't know that the harsh words he kept on hearing from me had piled up in his heart and would soon explode to my face and bring embarrassment. (tsk. tsk.)

Then that day, that very day came. My girl classmate asked me, "Do you like Juan?" Juan was just in a near distant so he could clearly hear our conversation. I unflappably answered, "No! He's ugly!" (rolling my eyes). But at the corner of my eye, I saw him. His head bowed down inches from his desk and took a hard grip of his ballpen. Oh men, even Forrest Gump could understand that he's mad. The container of his patience has just been officially filled and it's time for me to take the consequence. Moments later, he rose from his feet, standing in front of me and shouted at the top of his lungs, "SKELETON!!!" My world suddenly stopped and the next thing I knew, I was already sobbing. Huhuhu. That really hurt me because I may be really thin but skeleton is an exaggeration. Skeleton as a metaphor of how I look is an absolute humiliation. It was really embarrassing especially  that my crush and the rest of the class were there. Unable to face them and wanting to disappear, I was hiding my face crying... :'-(

Then someone whispered to my ear, "You're Kuya is here." I saw him through the window wearing a worried look with eyes saying like,"Why the hell are you crying?" He gestured me to come to him but I didn't because I had no strength to do so. My Kuya became furious and he called out my classmates, "Who did that to my sister?!" They pointed their fingers to Juan. Kuya suddenly demanded Juan with clenched fist, "Come out here. Let's fight!!" I was shocked because I never thought Kuya would go that far. I was touched because my brother cared about the pain I felt. And I was anxious about what might happen to him engaging such fight. Juan didn't move. He's not agressive as my Kuya to have a duel (haha.. What's this, Hogwarts? :D) But Kuya kept on challenging him, "If you're a man, come out here and fight with me." At the end, Juan took the challenge because his manhood was at stake there. They went to the field. From my classrooom, I didn't seee the fist fight or if there was such thing happened because they were surrounded by kids, kids who wanted to witness some action. At that moment, I was worried to the bones, what if Kuya will get bruises or even a black eye? He's not a big kid, you know, he's also a thin kid (but tall).

At home, I secretly (we didn't tell the event to our parents) asked Kuya if he's fine and what happened. He patted my shoulder and said, "Things are fine. I already made the revenge for you." You may think that it sounds bad for the revenge stuff but for, what did Kuya do was a heroic act! Wheew, he easen up what I terribly felt. He didn't know the whole story. He didn't know  that I was the one who started it all. But the fact that he saw me crying and I was hurt were enough reasons for him to get even to the person who did it to me.

--Thank you Kuya for standing by me that day and for not being weary for standing by me until now. Your existence is a blessing. I may not be an expressive person but through this post you know how grateful I am to have you as my Kuya. :-)

Thank you for this and for everything else.--

  Kuya!! hehe.. (exposure)

*To Juan (not his real name.hehe), this thing happened already 12 yrs. ago but I must say, "I'm sorry for being so insensitive." I'm not insensitive to others now. Actually, I've become so sensitive as a makahiya plant. How's that? hehe*

August 10, 2010

heto na naman!

Galit na ako.

Galit na galit na ako sa sarili ko.


Wala ka na bang ibang gawin kundi mag-procrastinate?!!

Sabi mo hindi na! Sabi mo ayaw mo na!

Pero bakit andito pa rin siya!!

Alam mong mali eh. Alam mong hindi yun ang nararapat. Ngunit sa kasamaang palad ganun at ganun pa rin ang ginagawa mo.

Syiete! Ang hirap magbago! Ang hirap maging ako!

Nahihirapan na talaga ako.

Ang daming oras na nasasayang.

Tulog ka nang tulog. Imagine ka nang imagine. Internet ka nang Internet.

Sinasayang mo ang panahon mo Day!

Lord, bakit ako ganito?

Bakit mo ako isinilang na tamad?

Ang hirap kasi labanan, it comes naturally kasi.!

Lord, pa-exchange na lang ng katamaran ko sa iba pang pangit na attitude..

Sige, okay lang na gawin mo akong flirt basta mawala itong matagal ko ng kasama: katamaran.


Goodluck sa akin.


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