August 28, 2010

Vanzie: The Best PBB Teen Clash Loveteam

Ivan Dorschner and Fretzie Bercede is the best loveteam from the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. Few will disagree to my claim but I know that much many will strongly agree with me. During the Pinoy Big Brother, wherein the show didn't actually promote the pair, the two still gain lots of fans. Their Facebook fanpage is the proof: They've got more than 80,000 fans and counting! They have the highest numbers of fans compared to other PBB Teen Clash loveteams like Bretzie, Patzie, Jamli, Jaevon, Jenyan and Trivan. So I'm expecting that ABS-CBN will give these two beautiful beings lots of projects together because I'm quite confident that they will be a hit. Come on, ABS-CBN, we are waiting! :))

They are just perfect together. They made me 'kilig' in their PBB days and I know for sure that the 'kiligness' that I felt before will be more intense when I'll see them acting together on tv. This is the first time that I'm supporting a loveteam and I'm hoping that ABS-CBN won't let me down.

*By the way, they like each other. :)*

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