September 25, 2010


Who hasn't watched the first episode of the new season of Glee yet? Because I'm not a gleek, unlike many of my friends, I haven't seen the whole episode. Still, I was able to watch some parts of it where Charice is on the scene singing! I'm one of those many Filipinos who are so much delighted having known that Charice is part of the famous, award-winning musical on tv, Glee. It's not just a so-so American tv show, it's highly-talked about, it's viewed in many parts of the world. And knowing that Charice is there, is a "Wohow!!". Her Telephone with Rachel Berry is outstanding, for me, it's better than the original. She also sings Beyonce's Listen and it's a standing-ovation performance. Charice is really freakin' good. I'm proud of her. She gives me more reasons why I've got to be proud being a Filipino.

Many years back, I saw Charice on tv. I said to myself that I should remember her because one day I know, from the talent that she has, she'll become very famous. The very first time I saw her was on
Magandang Tanghali Bayan. Kapamilya, remember? It's a noontime show hosted mainly by John Estrada, Willie Revillame and Randy Santiago. There was a segment called, "Bulilit Star Quest", which was a singing contest. Nine years old Charice was one of the contestants. At a very young age, she's singing like a pro. I liked that segment primarily because of Charice. She was my favorite. Long before the Grand Finals came, I was sure she'll become the champion. True to it, she did. Then I told myself that this kid would be a great singer someday. I thought after that, ABS-CBN will get her as a talent, but I was wrong. :(

Few years forward, there's this Little Big Star, a singing contest show hosted by Sarah Geronimo. I saw charice once again, she was there. I didn't care much about her because I was charmed by Sam Concepcion. Yeah, as usual, she's the best, but Sam was so cute and charming that many of the viewers (maybe even the judges too) forgot that it's a singing contest after all. Sam won and Charice was the second placer. Maybe he got many text votes, which was included on the rating. If you saw Charice's expression after Sarah proclaimed that she's only the first-runner up, you'd figure out that she's absolutely disappointed. We know what happened next, Sam was given numerous projects while she had only few minor ones. I hardly seen her on tv those days. From the looks of it, Charice making it big in Philippine entertainment is a fat chance.

Then the nation was pleasantly surprised when Ellen Degeneres spoke on her show how she was amazed by Charice's singing prowess. Well, everyone knows that that's the start of her career's big leap. She guested and performed on Oprah Winfrey Show. She had a duet with Celine Dion. Her voice was heard on the movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. She has a hit single, Pyramid. And helluva lot more.

God has better plans than what Charice has for herself. Truly, you could never limit God. She deserves every good things she experiences these days. The rejections she tasted before are nothing now, but a spice of life.

She's got a one in a million talent and one in a million chance. Congratulations Charice! :)))

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