September 15, 2010

long-lived possession

My dictionary, The Merriam webster Dictionary, has been here with me for approximately eleven years now. The book that my mother bought only for me, is my long-lived possession. It's one of the few things that I brought from home to UP Diliman when I was an incoming freshman student.

  Merriam knows how much I need her. She knows my weakness, my poor memory of words and its corresponding meaning. Sure thing, she sees my impatient expressions many times every time I look for the meaning of the words I should have already known. Good thing books don't speak, because if they do, I might always hear Merriam complaining to me. She probably whines like this: "What the heck! I'm soo00 tired of you. How many times have you opened me just to look for 'ubiquitous'? A hundred times! I surrender." Yup, that's how I am. I easily forget the meaning of many words. It's tiring, there's nothing I could do though, but to run to my dictionary and say, "What does that mean again?"

Oh, thank you Merriam for being there for me ever since grade school. I handle you with care but still I'm sorry for your poor, terrible look. I can't help it, it's a sign of ageing, you know. (hehe) You are so ugly right now, but you don't have to worry about those brand-new dictionaries because, they've got nothing on you. They are plain strangers, yet you are my friend, a good friend. :))

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