October 31, 2010

Baby and Me

Jang Geun Suk's 2008 film Baby and Me is the first Korean flick I've seen this year. This fact doesn't support my claim that I'm a Korean movie lover (hehe). Ten months have gone by and just one film?tsk.tsk. I'm a pathetic lover (lol). Here's one more thing, it's also my first time to watch a movie starred by my super crush, Jang Geun Suk! I didn't have the interest to see his films because I thought he wouldn't be that hot the way he shows in You're Beautiful/He's Beautiful. But I was wrong. In Baby and Me, he is hot as ever, moreover, a certified cutie.

His character in the movie is not far different from He's Beautiful. Geun Suk is a mean, rebellious, naughty, rumble-magnet high school student who is always been punished by his teachers and his father. In order to change their son's attitude, Han Jun-su's (Jang Geun Suk) parents left their only child alone in their home with an allowance just enough for his necessities. They will only come back if Han Jun-su will learn his lessons. After receiving such big responsibility for becoming independent, another bigger responsibility he has to carry on his shoulder: being a father to a months-old baby. Bwahaha. As we watch Han Jun-su's struggle with his difficult, new life, we laugh along the way. This comedy film with a speck of drama and romance is a feel-good one.

Han Jun-su and his baby

Woo-ram adds spice in the movie where she takes a role as a stalker of Jun-su. :-) She's weird but funny in a way.

Yay, such a cutie.

October 20, 2010

The Social Network

Last week, when I watched Eat Pray Love with my roommate Kenny Lyne, I saw the trailer of The Social Network, which made me want to watch the movie on big screen soon. The fact that it is the story about the making of the most widely used social network, Facebook, and the complications that went after it, is something that we, active users of this social network would like to watch out for. So yesterday, me and my other roommate, Jessica, went to SM North to view the said movie. We actually agreed to watch Legend of the Guardians. But when we arrived there and realized that The Social Network is already showing, we changed our mind. 

"Grabe!" was the expression I always blurted out during the screening. Grabe! for Mark Zuckerberg's nerdy lifestyle. Grabe! for his genius; his faculty for computer programming is above superiority. Grabe! for his betrayal to his good friend or more appropriately, best friend. Grabe! for the success of Facebook. It is now worth 26 billion dollars with 500 million users. Mark Zuckerberg was dumped, broken hearted for that matter, and so the start of the controversial story of the making of Facebook. Girls, don't mess with a genius if you don't want them to become a billionaire. :D

It doesn't only give you entertainment but also the knowledge about the history of the website which everyone around the world is most familiar with. Although it is a true to life story, you wouldn't feel any iota of boredom from start to finish. It is very intriguing and the characters are interesting. Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake and others portray their part so well. So go on, watch the movie, it's good! :))

Left: Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg; Right: The real Mark Zuckerberg

Andrew Garfield, my crush in this movie.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

October 14, 2010

Eat Pray Love

"Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.", says Elizabeth in the movie Eat Pray Love which is portrayed by Julia Roberts. Elizabeth is a writer who is long been married to a good man who loves her genuinely. One day, she finds no happiness in her marriage anymore, along with losing the reasons why she loves her husband. She files a divorce paper which freaks her partner out for he doesn't agree with the separation, he doesn't want to let her go because he is in every way still in love with his wife. But Elizabeth is adamant, whether he signs the paper or not, she will go her own way. She also decides to take a long vacation visiting three countries, hoping that as she goes there she'll figure things out. Because the thing about Elizabeth's life is, she doesn't only lose the meaning of pursuing her marriage, yet also the essence of living. Basically, we call her life a ruin which she even acknowledges.

The rest of the movie, or shall we say 80% of the movie's time duration is spent when Elizabeth already travels. She first goes to Italy where she primarily finds the happiness that food could bring. Watching, my mouth waters, I wish I can also go to Italy and just eat lots of pizza and pasta! She eats and doesn't care if she has already taken lots of calories. She has really find the pure happiness of eating, maybe because she shooes away the worries of gaining weight. So what if she'll get fat, she could buy bigger jeans anyway.
Then she goes to India where she finds peace after learning how to meditate and pray. It's not a piece of cake for her though. With many thoughts running in her mind and some issues like the divorce thing makes her difficult to concentrate. Eventually, after learning from her friends, she has accepted the idea of forgiving herself after hurting her faithful ex-husband. Later on, she learns how to really pray and meditate, then making it a habit. She leaves India with peace, confidence and joy.
Her last destination is in Bali, Indonesia. Wow, Bali is simply beautiful. (I'll visit there in the future.hehe) Well, the important thing that she encounters there is love. Yup, she loves again and from the looks of it, it's for real, since the movie ends there. (hahaha).
Don't worry, he is not the one whom she falls in love with. :D

If you ask me if I like the movie?
I don't like it, I don't dislike it either.
I don't like it because there's nothing amazing.
I don't dislike it because it's okay.

October 04, 2010

my sister's ultimate crush

He is not a Korean, not an American, not a British, not a Filipino, not a Taiwanese and not an Australian. Friends, my sister's ultimate crush is a Japanese, which surprises me a little because I thought her fantasies belong to one of the Super Junior members. She told me just recently that ever since she saw Hiro Mizushima in the Japanese series Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi), he has become her numero uno crush. It's just funny that the two of us, suppose to be parallel with many things, don't like or admire the same people. Oh no, don't get me wrong, Hiro is cute but I don't see anything more than that for me to really like him the way my sister does.
Some facts about him:
Profession: Model and Actor
Birthdate: April 13, 1984 (hahaha.. my sister is 1993 so the gap is 9 yrs.)
Height: 180 cm or around 5'11"
Blood type: AB (so??)
Education: Keio University, Integrated Policy major
He lived in Switzerland from age 6-12
He can speak English!

The Japanese series, Absolute Boyfriend (Hiro is a main cast)

Here's more about him, a bit shocking (for my sister).. February 2009, he got married to Ayaka, a singer-songwriter who is only 22. Damn, fantasy fail, my little sister. Well anyways, this is what he said: "She is indispensable to me. I thought, if I let go of her, I'll regret it my entire life." 
In order to lift my sister's spirit up, I have something for her..
Cheer up, Joy! This is for you.. hehehe

October 03, 2010

sawa na rin ako

Hinalungkat ko ang aking sent items sa Friendster at muli kong nabasa ang mga mensahe ko para sa kanya. Mga mensaheng dinikta ng aking pusong nasaktan na dala ng aking pagmamahal. Nagmukha man akong tanga dahil nobela na ata ang binigay ko sa kanya, wala akong pagsisisi sapagkat nasabi ko ang kailangan kong sabihin at natanong ko ang mga bagay na hindi ko maintindihan.

"Dear Kuya,
Good day sa imo dinha. Hinaut unta na ok ra ka dinha. Belated happy birthday di-ay. Morag wala man gud nimo na-receive ako greetings kay nawala man di-ay imo cellphone.
Today is Dec. 10,2007 and kagabei nanawag si Mama sa ako ug gi-istoryahan ko niya about sa imo. Lagi, na-shock ko kay wala to nako gi-expect. Ug nag-worry lang ko gamay kay na-devastated kaau sila. Ya, just read this letter, I don’t know what you’re feeling right now but please give me an open heart, and don’t judge me yet. I write this letter because I care, really, sincerely. I love you this much na dili nako kaya na dili nimo mahibaw-an akong gusto iingon nimo.
(may hindi ako sinama)
Ya, don’t convince me that you’re happy right now because I know you’re not. I guess, you think you are free and that matters a lot pero moabot ang time na moingon ka na sana wala nimo gipagpalit ang freedom nga imong nahibaw-an karon sa imong pamilya… For what you see as freedom is not freedom at all, but a bondage. Because the freedom we know right now is the world’s definition… Ya, I want you to know that not all freedom leads to freedom… I just want you to know that the whole world may turn their backs from you but it is your family that can do the opposite.
Sad lang jud kaau kay niabot na ang time na nagkaroon na ng full trust si Papa sa imo, turns to nothing na lang… Sayang ang chance to prove to them that what they think about you was wrong….
Last sem break, grabe among conversations nila mama and papa after dinner. Nag-ingon si Papa na naulit siya sa tanang relatives ni mama na gidaut ka. Naulit siya bisan kay Nanay kay imbis na labanan daw ka kay gaawayon daw… Ingon si Papa, ngano man na sila nga dili man nila tan-awon ang good side ni kuya… Puro nalang pangit, pangit… Karon, ingon si Papa, pag-graduate daw nimo mapatunayan na nimo nga sayop ilang giingon. Ya, dili man expressive si Papa in front sa atoa pero katong nag-istorya sya sa akoa, I knew grabe ang iyang trust sa imo… And right now, don’t ask nganong devastated kaayo siya sa nahitabo….
Ya, sorry ha… sorry kay iingon nako tanan nga naa sa akong huna2x ug ang tanang gusto nako iingon pero wala koy courage nga iingon nako sa imo face to face kay all this time mahadlok ko na masuko ka sa ako. Oo, hadlok kaayo ko na masuko ka sa ako… I promised myself not to be outspoken to you… Let me just imagine it rather receive your outrage… But right now, I can lose nothing… I am taking the risk…. You could bring grudge on me… But I won’t do that to you…
I’m so passive… But right now I say, I hate your smoking!!!! Katong wala ko kahibalo na wala pa ka nag-smoke, everytime na makakita ko ug laing tawo nga ga-smoke or classmates… I really do not care… I mean, let them smoke as long as they like.. But when the time I discovered you are smoking…. I cursed the day cigarette is being invented…. I hate that man responsible for that cigarette!!! Let him go to hell for every people na biktima sa iyang invention!!! Na-remember nako dadtong summer na nangayo ka ug sigarilyo sa tindahan ug niingon ka na gi-lood man gud ka.. Gitagaan ta ka. Tapos the other time nangayo ka kay Joy2x tapos wala ka niya gitagaan ingon daun ka na maayo pa ko kay maka-understand ko… Ya, you have the misconception, I don’t understand you, how could I???? I just did it because I’m afraid that you might be angry to me.. Fear… I did it because of fear… You don’t hear any opposition from me because of fear!!!! Yes, fear to have a clash with you… right now, wala nay bili akong pagka-passive…. It’s time for you to know my heart.
I know wala koy karapatan mangasaba nimo… Who am I? I’m another bunch of sinner… A lazy head, the procrastinator, fearful and shy, sluggard, liar and let you name others that I miss… But kuyA, come on, don’t continue that journey because it will end at the brink of regrets.. Oo, wala na kay gana mo-eskuwela… Tinuod man pud nga kapoy man jud ug skwela… But tell me, tell me unsa imo plano sa imong kinabuhi karon. Unsay gusto nimo mahitabo sa future… Come on, ayaw hayaa na you’re just living at present ug walay care sa tomorrow.
Kuya, nganong nipalayo man ka sa amo, sa imong Papa?? Ngano man? Unsay among gihimo??? Nganong dili man nimo makit-an ang among concern, ang ilang concern sa imo??? Ya, gai ko og rason nganong dapat hayaan lang ka ni mama na manigarilyo? Gai ko og rason nganong kinahanglan dili na mag-buot2x si kol Allan kung unsa ka oras mouli??? Pwede man gud na mahitabo…. Kung wala kay halaga sa ila… Unta, wala na lang kay halaga sa ila para dili na maghilak2x si mama, para dili na ka but-an ni kol Allan, para mag-undang na ug panganduy si Papa na makahuman ka ug skwela. Unta wala na lang kay halaga sa ako para dili na ko magsulat ug inani ka-stupid nga letter para sa imo… Pero wala mi mahimo ya… Igsoon ta ka, anak ka ni mama, papa og kol allan… Love ka namo. 
Ya, daghan mi og pagkukulang sa imo as your family…. Oo, pwede ka magmahay sa tanang butang na wala nila nahatag, materially, emotionally… Pero ya, ya….tan-aw lang sa naghimo sa imo, sa taas…he loves you perfectly and He doesn’t deserve this. Go back to your first love… Go back to Jesus…
If naa kay problema, unta moadto ka sa tawo nga makatabang sa imo dili makasamot lang sa pagka-worse sa sitwasyon…
Thank you for reading this…
I pray and I will pray for you…
God be with you always….
I love you still and always….

Ang kanyang tugon:

good d ay 2 you even its not!!!
yah your right na im not here my reason why......i curse the day that i was born..........4 everything what you have said....thank you 4 your concern......u cant blame me man tingali kung na unsa ko karon.. and talking about sa akong asshole nga papa..i hated him na the time na he told me that he was my irresponsible father...i hate him the way he treat me nag tarong bitaw ta sa una dili niya ma appreciate...and ipamukha pa sa ako na ako tana sayop.....damn why man nailaila pa nako sya....isa pa pud why man na 15 years old pako angay makahibalo sa tinoud and it hurt me so much na gitago sa ako ang truth 4 15 years....isn't it tell u frankly te ala pako nakaila sa akong real "me" because im bounded of fear, hatred, jealosy, envy and i even hated myself for everything na nahitabo...and now i dont know kung ma put back pa ba ang a2 broken na karon and im sory 4 everything.....and now i dont know what to do."

At ngayong nagdulot na naman siya ng sakit sa pinakamamahal kong ina, wala na akong maramdaman. Sa paglipas ng panahon, unti-unti na palang naging bato ang puso ko. Nagsawa na. Napagod na.
Hindi na ako mangingialam. Mananahimik na lang ako. Wala din naman akong kapangyarihang baguhin siya, so why bother?
Kung magbabago siya (in a good way) for real, isa ako sa mga taong pinakamatutuwa dahil mahalaga siya sa buhay ko.
Kung hindi naman, e di wag! Sa bagay, sawa na rin ako sa kakaasa.


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