October 31, 2010

Baby and Me

Jang Geun Suk's 2008 film Baby and Me is the first Korean flick I've seen this year. This fact doesn't support my claim that I'm a Korean movie lover (hehe). Ten months have gone by and just one film?tsk.tsk. I'm a pathetic lover (lol). Here's one more thing, it's also my first time to watch a movie starred by my super crush, Jang Geun Suk! I didn't have the interest to see his films because I thought he wouldn't be that hot the way he shows in You're Beautiful/He's Beautiful. But I was wrong. In Baby and Me, he is hot as ever, moreover, a certified cutie.

His character in the movie is not far different from He's Beautiful. Geun Suk is a mean, rebellious, naughty, rumble-magnet high school student who is always been punished by his teachers and his father. In order to change their son's attitude, Han Jun-su's (Jang Geun Suk) parents left their only child alone in their home with an allowance just enough for his necessities. They will only come back if Han Jun-su will learn his lessons. After receiving such big responsibility for becoming independent, another bigger responsibility he has to carry on his shoulder: being a father to a months-old baby. Bwahaha. As we watch Han Jun-su's struggle with his difficult, new life, we laugh along the way. This comedy film with a speck of drama and romance is a feel-good one.

Han Jun-su and his baby

Woo-ram adds spice in the movie where she takes a role as a stalker of Jun-su. :-) She's weird but funny in a way.

Yay, such a cutie.

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