October 14, 2010

Eat Pray Love

"Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.", says Elizabeth in the movie Eat Pray Love which is portrayed by Julia Roberts. Elizabeth is a writer who is long been married to a good man who loves her genuinely. One day, she finds no happiness in her marriage anymore, along with losing the reasons why she loves her husband. She files a divorce paper which freaks her partner out for he doesn't agree with the separation, he doesn't want to let her go because he is in every way still in love with his wife. But Elizabeth is adamant, whether he signs the paper or not, she will go her own way. She also decides to take a long vacation visiting three countries, hoping that as she goes there she'll figure things out. Because the thing about Elizabeth's life is, she doesn't only lose the meaning of pursuing her marriage, yet also the essence of living. Basically, we call her life a ruin which she even acknowledges.

The rest of the movie, or shall we say 80% of the movie's time duration is spent when Elizabeth already travels. She first goes to Italy where she primarily finds the happiness that food could bring. Watching, my mouth waters, I wish I can also go to Italy and just eat lots of pizza and pasta! She eats and doesn't care if she has already taken lots of calories. She has really find the pure happiness of eating, maybe because she shooes away the worries of gaining weight. So what if she'll get fat, she could buy bigger jeans anyway.
Then she goes to India where she finds peace after learning how to meditate and pray. It's not a piece of cake for her though. With many thoughts running in her mind and some issues like the divorce thing makes her difficult to concentrate. Eventually, after learning from her friends, she has accepted the idea of forgiving herself after hurting her faithful ex-husband. Later on, she learns how to really pray and meditate, then making it a habit. She leaves India with peace, confidence and joy.
Her last destination is in Bali, Indonesia. Wow, Bali is simply beautiful. (I'll visit there in the future.hehe) Well, the important thing that she encounters there is love. Yup, she loves again and from the looks of it, it's for real, since the movie ends there. (hahaha).
Don't worry, he is not the one whom she falls in love with. :D

If you ask me if I like the movie?
I don't like it, I don't dislike it either.
I don't like it because there's nothing amazing.
I don't dislike it because it's okay.

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