October 04, 2010

my sister's ultimate crush

He is not a Korean, not an American, not a British, not a Filipino, not a Taiwanese and not an Australian. Friends, my sister's ultimate crush is a Japanese, which surprises me a little because I thought her fantasies belong to one of the Super Junior members. She told me just recently that ever since she saw Hiro Mizushima in the Japanese series Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi), he has become her numero uno crush. It's just funny that the two of us, suppose to be parallel with many things, don't like or admire the same people. Oh no, don't get me wrong, Hiro is cute but I don't see anything more than that for me to really like him the way my sister does.
Some facts about him:
Profession: Model and Actor
Birthdate: April 13, 1984 (hahaha.. my sister is 1993 so the gap is 9 yrs.)
Height: 180 cm or around 5'11"
Blood type: AB (so??)
Education: Keio University, Integrated Policy major
He lived in Switzerland from age 6-12
He can speak English!

The Japanese series, Absolute Boyfriend (Hiro is a main cast)

Here's more about him, a bit shocking (for my sister).. February 2009, he got married to Ayaka, a singer-songwriter who is only 22. Damn, fantasy fail, my little sister. Well anyways, this is what he said: "She is indispensable to me. I thought, if I let go of her, I'll regret it my entire life." 
In order to lift my sister's spirit up, I have something for her..
Cheer up, Joy! This is for you.. hehehe

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