December 11, 2010

loving the rain

I love the rain ever since I was a kid. I didn't tell it to anyone even to those closest to me because I was afraid that they might think I'm odd. I really thought that I was the only one on earth who would prefer the rain than sunshine. Until I stepped into college and read a girl's confession on a magazine that it makes her happy when it's raining. I remember I had a big smile on my face after reading it for it delighted me given the fact that I'm not alone, that I know someone who also loves the rain. :D At that moment also, I first blurted out my secret happiness to a friend saying, "I'm so amazed, this girl (pointing to the Candy mag) loves the rain! I love the rain too!" From that time on I'm not bothered to tell other people that a simple rain can warm my heart. :))

I don't forget some afternoons at home when I was a little kid, when classes were off and it's raining, though I couldn't go outside and play, it would be okay for me. I would just stare through the window and watch the raindrops dramatically land on the grass and on the ground.
I find it a wonderful morning waking up and the rain falls intensely. Hahaha. Really relaxing. It gives you an excuse to go idle for a while.
Reading a good book and at the same time the rain is pouring outside is one of my favorite setting. :))
I work more efficiently at my place if the environment is cool, a rain can bring that kind of atmosphere.
And lastly, it's so perfect to go to bed while the rain is falling continuously. Hehe. What a good night sleep.

Still, it's not always an exclamation of, "Oh I love it. It's raining." I am sometimes pissed with the rain. I go somewhere and out of the blue, it suddenly rains, worse is I don't bring an umbrella.. Shoot, I'm not glad to you anymore. Run Jellian, run or you'll be wet all over.. Thank you rain, thank you! You're so kind. How could you do this to the person who appreciates you a lot?! Hmmp.
Then there are those circumstances when a plan has made to go to the beach the next day. Everyone's excited, everybody's expecting for the hot, pricking sun and when that day comes, it's raining! Oh wow, look who is the killjoy. :(

One thing i realize in life, there's always a negative side to the things that you love. But the thing is, it doesn't stop you from loving that particular stuff because when you weigh it, the reasons why you love it is still heavier than the arguments why you should hate it. :))

"If you think happiness is all about sunshine, I guess nobody has told you about dancing in the rain." 

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We're trying to drop by on those who followed us on our first year. We chose to leave a comment on this particular post cause the other 2 that was above this was just something we can't relate to. Actually we refuse to relate to it. Kidding.

So anyway, about loving the rain, 4 of us actually prefer the rain than a sunny day too. (As long as it's not an "ondoy" kind of rainfall.) Maybe we just hate the heat when it's sunny. Nakakasira ng pawis glands. Mas masarap mag-inuman pag umuulan.
Thanks for following by the way.
Happy New Year


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