December 05, 2010

My Amnesia Girl

There's something about John Lloyd Cruz that drags you to the cinema then compels you to watch his movie. Since One more Chance, his romantic films are big hits. And now, with his My Amnesia Girl, he once again proves that he is the undisputed box office king.

Of all his movies, I am most enthusiastic to watch My Amnesia Girl because of two things: first, Toni Gonzaga is his leading lady whom I am fond of as an artist and second, it is a romantic-COMEDY. The movie surpasses my expectations. I would say that this is John Lloyd's best movie as well as of Toni. I did enjoy A Very Special Love (John Lloyd's movie with Sarah Geronimo) but for me, this My Amnesia Girl is way better. It's a comedy film yet I did cry a bucket tears. When I saw my face on the mirror right after the movie has ended, I got puffy eyes. It's rare to see a flick that gives you a lot of laugh and makes you cry at the same time. My Amnesia Girl is simply one of them.

The concept of amnesia may have been commonly used in movies and tv series, it reminds me of the movie 50 First Dates and the Taiwanese series Meteor Garden Season 2 where Dao Ming Si lost his memory, but in this movie no one actually has an amnesia. Irene (Toni Gonzaga) is just pretending that she cannot remember her past so that she could have an excuse to treat Apollo (John Lloyd) as a stranger. Irene had a nightmare experience because Apollo, after waiting for her at the altar on their wedding day suddenly ran away. Just imagine the pain and shame he brought to her. You wouldn't be surprised if she has been hateful all this time. Few years forward after that unpleasant incident, they meet again, he approaches her, asks if how she's doing and she says, "Sino Ka? Pasensya na ha kung hindi kita makilala. May amnesia kasi ako." Hahaha. Nice one. And so the start of something new. :)

There are so many funny moments (Of course, what do I expect from a comedy film?). I am convinced that John Lloyd is not only limited in doing drama. He actually has the capacity to make me laugh, so do you, right? I also need to commend Joross Gamboa, he did a good job! He could become a famous comedian if only he'll be given an opportunity. He did funny punches of his lines. :D He is really hilarious.

My movie buddy, Rona, and me watched the movie twice. Since the cinema is not a reserved seat, we take advantage of it. I didn't cry the second time around but I still laughed. There are even scenes where I didn't laugh the first time I viewed it yet when we watched it again, I found them really funny.

This movie is so cool. I'll find you weird if you don't like it.

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