December 17, 2010

Why Can't It be Ivan and Fretzie?

Six months have gone by when the show PBB Teen Clash of 2010 had ended and I'm still a fan, a follower, a believer of Fretzie Bercede and Ivan Dorschner as a team. I thought things would come out the way Vanzie's fans want it to be, but things utterly change, not on our favor. :( I was happy by the month of August when I found out that ABS will be airing a youth-oriented show 'Good Vibes', where Fretzie and Ivan will be paired. But until now the show hasn't yet broadcasted and I read from a fan page that Fretzie has already been replaced by Shey Bustamante. What the!! It's not that I don't like Shey but hey, why would you want Fretzie to exit that show? Just cancel the show, you know, since Fretzie isn't there, I really wouldn't mind. Another disappointing thing is the "ShoutOut" variety show. Disappointing? Oh, I'm underestimating, it's also irritating. No way, Fretzie has been paired with Bret! Then Ivan with Tricia! I actually liked Bret at first but he is too expressive and touchy.. Yuck, I hate super touchy people. So I ended up repelling the notion of them as a loveteam.. Ivan is still the best for Fretzie, not Bret or Patrick. I said it here that I don't like Tricia so pairing her with Ivan is a big NO! I couldn't comprehend why ABS doesn't listen to the majority. We are the majority, Vanzie is the majority and they're the pair that we should be seeing on tv.

Oh, I'm ranting.haha. I just have to watch this video again to get 'kilig' because I think the network won't be granting my li'l wish this christmas.haha. They make me smile. Sad, ABS is playing blind.

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