January 01, 2011

Seize the Year

Happy New Year dear everyone! Another year has come, whatever happened to our 2010, whether it's a triumph or a defeat, we have to say 'Babye!'. To those who had a fulfilling year (2010), 'Good job. keep up the good work.' To those who had a ride leading to no clear destinations, 'Don't worry, 2011 might be whole lot different.' :) Together, let's embrace 2011 with a big, genuine smile and an excited heart.

My 2010 was a good year. There were frustrating events, happy moments, stressing days, nostalgic nights, unattained goals, enumerable grace, learned lessons, new-found good friends, numerous unsaid words, unwise decisions, daunting but significant tasks, pails of tears, countless laughs and boring times.

I've got a pretty happy new year celebration though I'm too far away from my sweet home. I and Kuya are in Pasig at my cousin's place. This special event should be spent at home but it doesn't really matter at all because I feel 'home' here. I just wish mama, papa & Joy were here..It would be a lot merrier.

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