January 08, 2011

Wookie's Horror Movie, I Dare

My Lee Dong Wook's post gets popular this month. That post, Korean Crush: Lee Dong Wook, was written almost a year ago. After a month I posted it, I came across with Jang Geun Suk and fell helplessly infatuated with him leaving my Wookie behind. But these people straying in my blog because of Wookie made me miss this celebrity so much. In order to fill up this missing-thingy with him, I watched his horror movie. You see, that was so brave of me, HORROR movie, I dared to watch a horror movie just because of him. I actually don't like watching horror a.k.a. ghost movies. I repel to see one to avoid nightmares and heart attack(hehe). I just realize that you can really do something that you dislike for someone (lol.cheesy!). It's like saying, “For you I will.” (another lol). Talking about that creepy movie, Arang, I was really scared to the nth level! :( I was blocking my eyes to see a little yet it didn't alleviate my fear. So what I did wass, which is a brilliant idea, I put my earphones away and just put it back when there were only conversations. Bwahaha.. Well, it made a big difference. Sound effects has the power to bring you to an intense emotion.. You know what, try watching a horror movie in a silent mode, I bet you'll never find it scary.haha. I was able to sustain watching Arang to the very end because of it.

The best thing of what I watched is this person:
Yeah, you.

The worst thing, on the other hand, is this Sadako-like ghost! Yak, go to hell!

Wookie is a detective who turns out to be the killer. There are three reasons why I don't like this movie, first is its genre, second is Wookie being the killer, third is he killed himself at the end part..

I pray, that as I go to bed tonight, keep me away from bad dreams Lord. Don't allow those terrible-looking creatures invade my dreams. Thank You. Amen.

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