February 21, 2011

I can really feel the stress right now. I am worried with two of my subjects, es26 and es15. In es26, I have to make a perpetual calendar which is our machine problem and it would be passed by feb 28. I have been thinking about it since yesterday and until now, I still don't have an idea on how to do the algorithm. God, computer programming sucks! I mean, I'm such a sucker in computer programming. I find it really hard just like any of my other subjects here in UP! This machine problem is by pair, I texted my partner earlier and she has not replied yet. Oh God please, hope she's not a procrastinator because I'm already one. I need a bossy, grade-conscious partner who will bug me to finish this MP as soon as possible. But according to the situation right now, she isn't. Imagine, the procrastinator and never-a-leader-like-person me is the first one to text her about this project and she didn't even care to reply even just, "It's still feb 21, what's the hurry?!". I am not confident to do this on my own and if ever my partner wouldn't cooperate, well I need Rona's help.haha.. Hi Rona, part of this post is for you to know that I need your aide since I'm quite sure you will be able to read this. Oh yeah, the one and only follower of my blog is a great computer programmer---so Rona, I hope you have time.hehe. ;) So now, I am less stressed knowing that someone's gonna help me with my dilemma. I'm optimistic that Rona has time.hahaha. But this es15..hay, hay, hay.. I don't understand the way my instructor teaches the lessons. I need to study more. I don't know how to do it though! I need sample problems and practice solving because that's really what this course is all about. It's not enough that you understand how fluid mechanics works but you should need to know how to get the final velocity, head loss and all that blahh. The problem is, I can't find any sample problems and their corresponding solutions! Where the hell are those dumps of sample problems before? Hay, this is pathetic! I don't want to retake any subjects again. God forbid! And I can hear God says something, "So stop being lazy, you sluggard!" Then I hear myself answer, "Sorry, it's just so difficult for me to defy what's innate. If you know what I'm saying." (Bitter?) Seriously, I am pressured within and the said two subjects are causing the tension. If I were as smart as Nikola Tesla, I wouldn't be stressed like this! Why Nikola Tesla? Because Albert Einstein is already a household

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Anonymous said...

hi jell! haha, naa na pud mo MP. cge text lang if ever kailangan nimo ang akong joke-time nga expertise. hehehe. :D


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