February 15, 2011

Pangarap Lang Kita

"At kahit mahal kita, wala akong magagawa.
Tanggap ko Oh aking sinta, pangarap lang kita."

Dear Parokya ni Edgar,
         I super duper love your songs guys. You are all extraordinary, especially you, Chito Miranda. I am your fan since I've heard your Halaga song. It's already been 17 years that you've been together as a band. Thank you for not disbanding and thank you for promising that Parokya ni Edgar will always be around 'till death do you part.
On the other hand, I shall see you on February 17 at the UP Fair! Yehey! Haha. I hope that you will not only play 3 songs because that is so bitin. Please, not 3, not even 4, 7 is enough just like last year. :) Thank you.

Your Fan,

Hi bloggers, readers, passers-by, here's PNE's Pangarap Lang Kita. I love it. My theme song for yesterday. lol

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