February 13, 2011

Ten Reasons Why She's Single

Here's my top ten reasons why a woman chooses to be single base on my observations, analyses and own experiences (haha).  Yeah, believe me or not, it's not because you don't have a choice that's why you're still single. It's easy to grab a boyfriend if that's what you want. But you choose to be better off alone because you have significant reasons you just can't ignore. I can't speak for men, in the first place I'm not a man so I couldn't really understand them if why some of them are single. But if you're curious about what I think of the causes of them being unattached, I could only give two: 1.) torpe (shy with the opposite sex) and 2.) closet gay. (haha.oppss..sorry)

Going back to my main topic, here are the things that I have deduced in no particular order.

1.) Discreet/Conservative
There's no way possible that you would show hints or motives to the person you like. You believe that girls should not be the one to take the first move. They are the ones who would wait and be pursued. And that fact left you being single because truth is, a lot of men right now, before they court the girl  they need to know that the person likes him. Just to make them sure that they'll not be dumped which is a public humiliation.haha.

That's it, you're a conservative young lady sitting at the corner, waiting for that man you really like to approach you. Then there are those bitches other women lurking around him. Don't be surprised when you find out one day that one of those women becomes his girlfriend. Sometimes, getting a boyfriend is like a competition.. If you want to have him, you need to grab/snatch him from other contenders. But then again you are conservative. How would you able to do that? Nah, you can't do it.

Hello conservatism. Goodbye romantic relationship.

2.) High Standard
You have a check list. He should be handsome. He should be smart. He should be rich. He should be good in any sport. He should be musically inclined. He should be tall. He should be mysterious. He should be sexy. He should be charming. He should be kind. He should be sweet. There are also others who are more specific: He should resemble Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or Michael Chad Murray or Ashton Kutcher or that Korean celebrity or that Japanese celebrity or Jericho Rosales. He should come from that school. He should be as smart as (you'll be the one to name who). He should be as sexy as Ryan Reynolds. He should be as good as David Cook when it comes to singing. And many MORE!! idealistic requirements. Oh yeah, there are those who court you.. But with a BIG but, according to your computations they do not pass your standard.

Unless you change your standard to something reachable, I'm pretty sure you'll end up being a spinster. :))

3.) No peer pressure
You might not realize this but your close friends have great influence on your current relatioship status. Everbody is single. What does that mean? when you need their company there's a high possibility that they'll be available because there are no boyfriends demanding for their time and presence. I mean, their time is available for you so you don't have to worry about having a boyfriend just to have a companion because your friends already have no time to be with you. Other thing, having circle of friends who are single means, no one will bug, piss, pressure and annoy you of getting into a relationship. And lastly, having single friends means you are not ALONE, so why worry? haha. ;)

Having single close friends makes you a happy single. :)) Take it from me. :))

4.) Obedient Daughter
Of course, there are still obedient children exist these days. I think they are endangered now but I know many of my acquaintances and friends who could be awarded with that title. It sounds absurd yet there are girls who are still single right now for the very reason that their parents told them to not enter into one. Just like that, period. Don't argue with them they are just trying to be a good daughter.

5.) Addict
Addiction means the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.
I'm not referring to alcohol and drugs, ok? Well, it could also be a reason. The addiction I'm saying are these: studies (grades, grades, GRADES!), work (money, career, money, career), celebrity crushes (Hello fangirls!), food (yummy! Food is the best boyfriend ever!) and many more.
And what goes hand in hand with addiction? Happiness and contentment. So their's no need for boyfriend-ing.. haha

6.) Fear/Cynicism
You learn from others. You see others hurt and deceived. You told yourself that that won't happen to you. The result? A single status. :) You are not assured. He sounds sincere but you just can't believe everything that he says. On other scenario, you know that he loves you today but you are fearful that his feelings might change tomorrow. Oh, you see that you are so prone of getting deeply broken so before that happens, you won't take a chance. Getting into a relationship is not a comfort zone. It's like an arduous forest you need to travel to, and you know it's not a place you are confident to walk through.

I find cynicism related to fear. You are scared and everything because you are cynical.
Definition of cynicism: An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others

7.)  Ugliness
Ugly face. Ugly body. Ugly attitude. Ugly brain (what a description of a brain). Ugly style. Ugly smell. Ugly get-up. Ugly social skill. Ugly habit. Ugly principles. Ugly hobbies.
Oh, I'm ugly. :(

Dear reader, I already ran out of reasons.. haha.. So please, tell me what you think. I'm giving you  3 slots for you to share your theories.hehe. ;)

"I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude." - Henry David Thoreau


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. Naa pa koy idungag gamay. Halos pareho sa no. 1 reason. Siguro pwede nga dili conservative ang girl. Approve siya of girls making the first move, pero super SHY lang! Ni hindi matingnan nang diretso sa mata ang crush! hehehe. So ayun, kontento nalang siya sa mga nakaw na tingin. hehehehe..

Tinuod gyud na ang about sa peer pressure. So Jell, ayaw sa ha? Basin ma-pressure ko! hehehe, joke lang.

Pero feeling nako (feeling lang), okay gyud ang singleDOM. You have a lot of freedom.. to flirt and stalk. Yun nga lang di ko kaya mag-flirt, hehehe, so hanggang stalking nalang ako! Pero I believe gyud nga the first quarter (25 years) of a person's life is meant for singleDOM, to be spent with family, friends, and yourself. Go singles! hehehe.

Belated happy valentines! :D

jellian gulles said...

Ay, kalimot kog mention ana.. Hehe, isa sa dahilan nganong discreet ang tao tungod kay shy lang jud xa gaya nato, d ba?hehe.. Oo, nakaw tingin lang jud.. dili magphalata na nakagusto kay ulaw!

about sa peer pressure, super ma-pressure jud ko kong magka-uyab na ka.. Isa baya ka sa akong pinaka-buddy.hehe. Basta, ang signal na dapat na daw ko manguyab kay kung kamong akong mga close na higala kay naa nay uyab..haha..

Super ni-agree ko sa imong giingon: "I believe gyud nga the first quarter (25 years) of a person's life is meant for singleDOM, to be spent with family, friends, and yourself." :))

Anonymous said...

Huhuhuhu, maka-sad baya ang hanggang nakaw-tingin nalang... Wala kay mahimo kundi magdaydream nalang. If only I were thick-faced and brave enough, hahaha.. So puro nalang gyud ni if-only's.. :( Hehehe. So make the most out of our singleDOM nalang! :D

Ayaw kabalaka Jell, I think I'll be single for a long time. For sure mauna pa mo sa ako nina Honey, Kenny, Mona, etc. hehehe. Good luck! :D

jellian gulles said...

maka-relate ko anang daydream thingy.XD I wonder kung unsa imo mabuhat kung thick-faced ka.hehe

hala, pag-sura anang mas mauna pa mi. We can never tell what future holds.haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jell.

I found your blog.


Nalingaw ko sa imong mga gipang-post.

Tag-ana kinsa ko.



jill-yan said...

hala, Honey Rose, ikaw na? hihi
Oh no, naulaw na kos akong mga gipang-post..haha

Anonymous said...

hala kabalo lagi ka!!! hahaha :D

oh no..what to do I got found out. O_O
magpretend unta ko nga stalker nimo. LOL


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