February 27, 2011

zachary levi and his voice

After stumbling to this 'Terrified' music video, I instantly become a fan of Zachary Levi. There is nothing I can say but this, he is hot. Whoah! His voice plus his moves plus his features equals unbelievable hotness. :D

When he sings, he becomes captivating. I don't think I would like him this much if I haven't seen him singing. Yeah, I'm a bit sure, if it weren't for that mv I don't think I would care to know his name.
zachary levi
And then you've heard that recent Disney movie, Tangled? Yes, he is the voice behind that leading character together with Mandy Moore. I am a Disney person so I am excited with that movie. But what made me more thrilled to watch it is the fact that Zachary Levi is voicing the main character.

One of my favorite parts is when they're in the boat rendering such a romantic song. Oh, when it's already zachary's part, I can see him in my mind singing just the way I saw him in the 'Terrified' music video. 

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