March 16, 2011

Korean Crushes

Blogspot can now upload gif formatted pictures without losing its animated characteristic. Yehey! Posting gif pictures before was a frustration since Blogspot converted it to still pictures. :( If you really want to post an animated one,  you have to join Photobucket first, download the gif picture there then copy the code or something to blogspot which for me was complicated and I actually didn't try it. But now, oh yeah, it's already fast and easy, uploading gif pix directly here. It's good to know that this site is improving. It's like every month they offer a new feature. Yay... I think I'm gonna blog here forever. Blogspot satisfies me.

In celebration to this, I'm posting gif pictures. 
Presenting, my Korean crushes. *grins*

  • Hyun Bin- He is my number one crush right now. :)) Sad to say, he has just joined the military service which will take almost two years. This means that his presence in the show business will be temporarily cut for the next two years. :(( 

  • Kim Ki Bum - He is a former member of the internationally known Korean pop group, Super Junior. But according to my reliable source, my Super Junior fan roommate, he is going back to the group this year! Exciting!  
  • Cho Kyuhyun - another member of Super Junior. He has the best voice among the Suju members, proven and tested. haha :) 

  • Choi Minho- a member of another famous kpop group, Shinee. Well, I am not a fan of Shinee. I just bumped into one of their music videos and I found this cute guy. Oh, I love those eyes!

  • Shim Changmin - a TVXQ/DBSK member. :)) I'm still in episode 4 on his first-ever k-drama series, Paradise Ranch. The story isn't boring so I think I'm going to finish it. His acting is not impressive though, there is so much for him to improve. I think the only reason why he got that major role in Paradise Ranch is simply because he is Changmin. And the fact that he is Changmin means the series can draw a lot of viewers because of his fans (like me!) even if he has no official experience in acting before. :))

  • Lee Dong Wook- my crush since 2006. <3

March 07, 2011

temporarily signing off

Hi everyone! :)

I'll be absent for a while. Which means I'm not going to post anything for the next weeks. I think I'm going to see you next month. Sorry for delaying my 30-day blog challenge.hehe. I will be busy this month, you know, it's March-- the sem is going to end so I'll have loads of exams and requirements. So I really should not be blogging because this is a distraction. And then, it feels like I'm gradually losing my interest in blogging. I don't know, maybe because I'm just wasted this day that's why I am able to feel that thing.

Wish me luck for my acads and love life!hahaha(Well, hahaha for the love life, but not the acads.)

March 06, 2011

The Confession of a Skinny Being

If gluttony is the only sin stated in the Bible, I will certainly call myself a righteous person. I consume food below the usual amount women on my age do take. The last time I checked my body mass index which was four months ago, I found out that I need to gain four kilos in order to leave the underweight stage. I don't know, it seemed like right after I was born I had been into a bariatric surgery that's why I easily get full and most of the time, I have no appetite to eat anything. There are many times that eating food is an obligatory thing to me, which means that there is really no pleasure in doing it. I eat because I know I need to, not because I want to. But I do crave for food on rare occasions, like french fries, pancit canton, carbonara, kikiam, siomai, pizza, even banana cue, ice cream, chips, donut and many more.. What makes the difference is the amount I actually consume, craving for me doesn't mean overeating. It's just the usual eating, I even leave some because I'm already full!

My skinny condition is terribly depressing. There are numerous disappointing things about my life but

March 01, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

I'll be having a 30-day blog challenge.. I've been seeing this from other sites and I find it cool, so I'm having one for myself.hehe. I'll be starting by next week.. Yes, I don't feel like it to start this day or tomorrow. Please be reminded also that this isn't everyday. This means that if I start my day 01 Monday next week that doesn't mean my day 02 will be the next day.haha. It solely depends on me if when will be the next day.bwahaha.. But I'll make sure I'll be doing 3-day challenge every week.. :))


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