March 06, 2011

The Confession of a Skinny Being

If gluttony is the only sin stated in the Bible, I will certainly call myself a righteous person. I consume food below the usual amount women on my age do take. The last time I checked my body mass index which was four months ago, I found out that I need to gain four kilos in order to leave the underweight stage. I don't know, it seemed like right after I was born I had been into a bariatric surgery that's why I easily get full and most of the time, I have no appetite to eat anything. There are many times that eating food is an obligatory thing to me, which means that there is really no pleasure in doing it. I eat because I know I need to, not because I want to. But I do crave for food on rare occasions, like french fries, pancit canton, carbonara, kikiam, siomai, pizza, even banana cue, ice cream, chips, donut and many more.. What makes the difference is the amount I actually consume, craving for me doesn't mean overeating. It's just the usual eating, I even leave some because I'm already full!

My skinny condition is terribly depressing. There are numerous disappointing things about my life but
this weight of mine is one on the top. I look to the mirror and see a person whose appearance doesn't reflect her age. There are many clothes that I would love to wear but couldn't because the sight is definitely unpleasant to see. I find it hard to gain weight (since I've already told you that food isn't appealing to me) and if I gain some, I observe that my face is the only one that has changed. It has already become plump but the rest of my body parts are left unchanged! I actually call myself a lollipop.. For like a lollipop, I have a circular face and a stick-like body.hehe.. Don't call me lollipop though, that hurts when it comes from other people.

Oh, I'm in a body that I don't prefer. And I have a phenomenal unliking to food which I wish I don't have in the first place. Hay life. Do I sound complaining?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try to eat appetizers first. You could also do some exercise so that your body might crave for more food. Or baka sawa ka na sa lahat ng mga pagkaing nakakain mo, kaya try ka ng ibang food na hindi mo pa natitikman. Hehehe.


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