April 03, 2011

Left Behind

Lots of my high school batch mates have graduated this school year. My Facebook newsfeed is flooded with their graduation pictures and I can only feel happiness for them. But as I check my heart, I realize that there's a tinge of envy. Envy because they have already culminated their college life while I am still here, will still spend three more daunting semesters in order for me to bid tertiary level a sweet goodbye. I never imagined this situation before. I never thought of myself being delayed in college as a possibility. Ever since I stepped into college, everything never happened  the way I expected it to be. I don't impose a question of why this thing happen. For I know well the reasons why and it always comes down to the attitude or the character I possess.

I will not be surprised if people from high school will gossip about me.. I can't stop them to wonder why the hell I 'm still not a graduate and talk to themselves of how rotten I've got. They may even feel good about my stagnant life and think that after all, they're better than I am.. They are advancing, taking onto the next level while I'm still on the level which is the same six years ago. Another thing that adds to my burden is the fact that everybody who belonged in the top ten in highschool is already a graduate, and I am the ONLY EXCEPTION. Three of them finish this school year:
1.) Cathy, BA English Studies, UP Diliman
2.) Joan, Cum Laude, Secondary Education, Christ the King College (Gingoog City)
3.) Rajoe, Cum Laude, BS Nursing, Christ the King College (Gingoog City)

The other six  who graduated a year/years ago are:
4.) Igor, Magna Cum Laude, BS Nursing, MSU-IIT. Top 10 in 2009 board exam.
5.) Jimmarie, Cum Laude, Economics, Xavier University (CDO). She's now pursuing Law in the same university.
6.) Merlo. BA Political Science. Central Mindanao University.
7.) Swiet. Development Communication. Xavier University (CD0). She's now working while studying MBA in XU.
8.) Gatsung. I don't know his course, promise. Gingoog City Junior College. He's now married. (Swiet's former crush..haha)
9.) Gwen (our valedictorian). BS Psychology. UP Diliman. She's studying medicine in XU.

And the class salutatorian who happened to be me is, as you already know, still an undergrad student. :| Congratulations Jellian, you are simply left behind.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I'm sincerely happy for all of them.. Just don't ask me about what I feel to myself because it's not a warm feeling. :|

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Anonymous said...

It's okay to feel a bit of envy.. But please don't put yourself down.. Siguro karon ang pag-graduate sa college big deal pa para sa ato.. Pero later on marealize nato nga wala ra gyud na sa mga ma-experience nato right after college. Enjoy being in college nalang while you are still there, because its a whole lot different world sa working place. :D

Sa mga mag-gossip about nimo, sagdii nalang sila.. artistahin ka kasi kaya napag-uusapan.. =P


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