May 29, 2011

Dear Loved One

I don't need neither of your hugs nor your kisses if what I'll receive when you're mad is a super OA wrath. Save your expressive love for me, it sucks because it just evens out with your unreserved anger. I'm very okay without your touch, heck, I never asked for it. I will not miss anything if you'll not do it.

Please, I'm asking you a favor, just keep your feelings away from me. Thank you.

I hope that you will meet someone same as your attitude so that you will experience what I did from you.

May 18, 2011

Korean Series: Dream High

I have just finished watching all the 16 episodes of Dream High with my sister. We both like the drama yet we have different reactions on how the series ended. Little sister wasn't satisfied because she wanted to see more, things like the two main characters are getting married, then having a family and all that. I am much delighted by how the series of events turned out that the 'bitin' thing that my sister was saying wasn't even a big deal. This drama is already one of my favorites but Secret Garden is still number one. There is this one part that I shed lots of tears. Oh my, my heart just shattered into pieces:

Jin Guk kissed Hyemi and Sam Dong accidently saw it. The very kind, jolly, spirited, naive Sam Dong who wholeheartedly loves Hyemi, saw the girl of his dreams being kissed by another guy without resisting it. Hay, poor Sam Dong. :'( For some reasons, I felt his pain, ouch!
Huhuhu.. That's okay Sam Dong oppa, I'm here..
On the first few episodes of the drama, I didn't care whoever Hyemi chooses to love eventually, if it's Jin Guk then go and if it's Sam Dong then it's not a problem. Both guys are the best, Jing Guk is one hot papa while Sam Dong is one hell of a cutie.. But later on, little by little I was convinced that Hyemi should be for Sam Dong and Sam Dong should be the most succesful artist among his peers in Kirin Art School by 2018.

Thankfully, the plot is on my side. bwahahaha!

May 16, 2011

To blog is to risk

For the first time in the Philippines, someone has been penalized after committing a crime to an animal. A fellow student from UP has pleaded guilty for killing a cat. The punishment isn't that relatively heavy, he's only going to pay P2,000 and obligated to do some service in PAWS, specifically feeding cats and cleaning their house. But what's even more painful about this incident to the person, is that his name has been spread to the entire nation or maybe even to the entire world after it has been in the news in major TV networks in the country. I first heard the news in TV Patrol, then in GMANews TV and after that in ANC. He could have just paid his due then the matter is close. Unfortunately, life isn't that simple because media exist to inform the world both pleasant and unpleasant facts. For all we know, that Mr. Who-killed-a-cat wanted to keep this private. If I were in his shoes, as much as possible I'd hope that few people will know about it and I guess that's what he also hoped for. How he wished media was on his side and will keep mum about it to save him from shame.

He could have escaped from the punishment of the law just like anybody else if he didn't blog it. Of course, he should have not done the killing of a defenseless cat in the first place, but come to think of it, if he didn't blog it, advocates of anti-animal abuse from all over the world wouldn't be aware of what he did and so no complaints against him. This is a lesson to those who blog that not everything and anything under the sun is BLOGGABLE. There are things that should be kept in private. There are things that are not meant to be shared to people. We don't publicize everything about our life. Yes it's true, there's a freedom in blogging. We get our own space to exhaust anything we want to. But we should be reminded that we don't have the freedom to dictate the people's reaction after reading the contents of a blog. And that's the part that we should be careful for about blogging. One downside about having a blog is it can bring us to our own downfall if we don't control ourselves from talking just anything we'd like to share.

I know that my schoolmate made a mistake that is punishable by law and if justice is to be considered, it is just right that he must pay. But is it fair? I know for sure that there are other people who are more violent towards animals compared to him but left unpunished because they don't have a blog to talk about it. And that's what I call unfair. They should pay too to give fairness to that schoolmate who has been put to shame after being judged guilty. I feel sad for him. I hope that he won't close his doors to blogging even though his blog was the instrument for a concrete evidence of his crime. I hope that he would get over with his present circumstance soon. That single incident doesn't make him a bad person and it shouldn't be our only base to define him. At least, we should thank him for reminding us that we should really think before we post something on our blogs.

As for me, I will keep on blogging since this thing makes me happy. I don't know where this blog will take me. I don't know what impressions I make to the ones who read this blog.. I really don't know.. But I guess, happinesss is worth the uncertainties so I will not leave this place. Happy blogging. :))

May 11, 2011

Day 02- Where you'd like to be in 10 years.

There are three choices of places that I'd like to be in 10 years: 1.) Gingoog City, my hometown; 2.) Quezon City; 3.) abroad. I still can't decide which of them weighs the most, I don't know, my desires are confusing me. From the experiences that I had, I learn to not see the future the way I want it to be in full details because my experiences proved to me that it's not going to be exactly the way I designed it  in my mind. I actually didn't think about it before, even now that I already think about it, I'm not sure where that place really is.. Maybe because I know, I really don't care where circumstances will lead me after 10 years. I don't mind where I'll be in 10 years as long as I'm going to be successful. So that's why I can't give a particular place because again, I don't mind where fate will put me. But of course, not all places, not any parts of the world are okay with me. I mean, I don't like a hot place so I definitely don't like to be put in Middle East or Africa. I also don't like to be in a mountain (hihi) where technology is a strange word.

Gingoog City is my home. There is always this desire in my heart to be staying here for good when I'm already a millionaire.haha. Yeah, apart from the fact that there is no traffic here, the air is still unpolluted, almost everything in here is cheaper compared to metropolitan cities and more; it is the place that I am most familiar with; it is the place that is closest to my heart.
Quezon City is the next place that I'm familiar with, well that's what I believe. I eventually like the place even though I am pissed with the traffic and expensive stuff (well, I have Gingoog City to compare it), and I think I sort of like it to be there in 10 years.
Then being abroad is some kind of a childhood dream. It started when my cousin, the person that I really looked up to,migrated in Canada. Since she was the person that I wanted to follow, I made up my mind to also go abroad, work and live (temporarily) there. It could be in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any country in Europe. :))

May 09, 2011

Day 01: Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

      I wasn't able to keep my feelings any longer so I said 'I love you too' to him. I had underestimated love. It is no ordinary wave that came crashing to my gates of repulsion. The next thing I knew I was already drowned and drawn by its strong current to a destination that offered me no other choice but to become a slave of what I truly feel for him. I ate my words, I broke my principles, I disobeyed my parents, now I'm in a relationship. I took risk on this because I love him. They say only fools rush in. So be it, I'm a fool. This is the very first time I am in a serious relationship and I think he is the one. I will fight for this foolish love because I do believe we are meant to be.

      Yeah right, I'm bluffing. :) I'm single and I have this hunch that it will take much longer for me to change status. I may have said this many times before but I need you to hear it again: I sincerely do not care if I'm single. What's the fuss, eh? There are thousands of sources of happiness. Me being single doesn't make me a less happy person. And if I'm unhappy right now, it's surely not because of me lacking a boyfriend. I hate those people who ridicule singles. On believing that we are pathetic, lonely and miserable.. I have good news for them, I am certainly not and I bet most of us are. We maybe are single but we know a lot about love and happiness always accompanies us.
      How's my single life? I guess nothing extraordinary yet it's never for you to pity for. Aside from my parents, no one else is monitoring my daily activities. When I'm away from home  I have my mama and sometimes my sister to talk to on the phone for at least 15 minutes a week. When I watch movies on the big screen I have my cool friends for company. I have the freedom to admire as many guys as I want without a boyfriend saying, “You're not allowed to admire anyone but me.” Reading good novels, watching tv series and movies excite me so much, so most of my free time is allotted to those stuff. I hang out with friends, chat with them, eat with them, laugh with them, stroll with them, watch with them and more. I am a student so what really keeps me busy, well, it's not really studying but attending to class (haha). It is summer though so I'm home. :) Being home means I can be a couch potato all day long competing with my sister. I rarely go outside because being at home is already a bliss and I'm a bit anti-social.

Finally, I want to assure you that I am happy and thankful for what I have right now. As for the things that I don't have, I'm excited to have them in the future and one of those is a boyfriend..

**Yehey! Day 01 down for my 30 Day Blog Challenge. I didn't know that this is actually dragging.


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