May 09, 2011

Day 01: Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

      I wasn't able to keep my feelings any longer so I said 'I love you too' to him. I had underestimated love. It is no ordinary wave that came crashing to my gates of repulsion. The next thing I knew I was already drowned and drawn by its strong current to a destination that offered me no other choice but to become a slave of what I truly feel for him. I ate my words, I broke my principles, I disobeyed my parents, now I'm in a relationship. I took risk on this because I love him. They say only fools rush in. So be it, I'm a fool. This is the very first time I am in a serious relationship and I think he is the one. I will fight for this foolish love because I do believe we are meant to be.

      Yeah right, I'm bluffing. :) I'm single and I have this hunch that it will take much longer for me to change status. I may have said this many times before but I need you to hear it again: I sincerely do not care if I'm single. What's the fuss, eh? There are thousands of sources of happiness. Me being single doesn't make me a less happy person. And if I'm unhappy right now, it's surely not because of me lacking a boyfriend. I hate those people who ridicule singles. On believing that we are pathetic, lonely and miserable.. I have good news for them, I am certainly not and I bet most of us are. We maybe are single but we know a lot about love and happiness always accompanies us.
      How's my single life? I guess nothing extraordinary yet it's never for you to pity for. Aside from my parents, no one else is monitoring my daily activities. When I'm away from home  I have my mama and sometimes my sister to talk to on the phone for at least 15 minutes a week. When I watch movies on the big screen I have my cool friends for company. I have the freedom to admire as many guys as I want without a boyfriend saying, “You're not allowed to admire anyone but me.” Reading good novels, watching tv series and movies excite me so much, so most of my free time is allotted to those stuff. I hang out with friends, chat with them, eat with them, laugh with them, stroll with them, watch with them and more. I am a student so what really keeps me busy, well, it's not really studying but attending to class (haha). It is summer though so I'm home. :) Being home means I can be a couch potato all day long competing with my sister. I rarely go outside because being at home is already a bliss and I'm a bit anti-social.

Finally, I want to assure you that I am happy and thankful for what I have right now. As for the things that I don't have, I'm excited to have them in the future and one of those is a boyfriend..

**Yehey! Day 01 down for my 30 Day Blog Challenge. I didn't know that this is actually dragging.

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