May 11, 2011

Day 02- Where you'd like to be in 10 years.

There are three choices of places that I'd like to be in 10 years: 1.) Gingoog City, my hometown; 2.) Quezon City; 3.) abroad. I still can't decide which of them weighs the most, I don't know, my desires are confusing me. From the experiences that I had, I learn to not see the future the way I want it to be in full details because my experiences proved to me that it's not going to be exactly the way I designed it  in my mind. I actually didn't think about it before, even now that I already think about it, I'm not sure where that place really is.. Maybe because I know, I really don't care where circumstances will lead me after 10 years. I don't mind where I'll be in 10 years as long as I'm going to be successful. So that's why I can't give a particular place because again, I don't mind where fate will put me. But of course, not all places, not any parts of the world are okay with me. I mean, I don't like a hot place so I definitely don't like to be put in Middle East or Africa. I also don't like to be in a mountain (hihi) where technology is a strange word.

Gingoog City is my home. There is always this desire in my heart to be staying here for good when I'm already a millionaire.haha. Yeah, apart from the fact that there is no traffic here, the air is still unpolluted, almost everything in here is cheaper compared to metropolitan cities and more; it is the place that I am most familiar with; it is the place that is closest to my heart.
Quezon City is the next place that I'm familiar with, well that's what I believe. I eventually like the place even though I am pissed with the traffic and expensive stuff (well, I have Gingoog City to compare it), and I think I sort of like it to be there in 10 years.
Then being abroad is some kind of a childhood dream. It started when my cousin, the person that I really looked up to,migrated in Canada. Since she was the person that I wanted to follow, I made up my mind to also go abroad, work and live (temporarily) there. It could be in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any country in Europe. :))

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