May 18, 2011

Korean Series: Dream High

I have just finished watching all the 16 episodes of Dream High with my sister. We both like the drama yet we have different reactions on how the series ended. Little sister wasn't satisfied because she wanted to see more, things like the two main characters are getting married, then having a family and all that. I am much delighted by how the series of events turned out that the 'bitin' thing that my sister was saying wasn't even a big deal. This drama is already one of my favorites but Secret Garden is still number one. There is this one part that I shed lots of tears. Oh my, my heart just shattered into pieces:

Jin Guk kissed Hyemi and Sam Dong accidently saw it. The very kind, jolly, spirited, naive Sam Dong who wholeheartedly loves Hyemi, saw the girl of his dreams being kissed by another guy without resisting it. Hay, poor Sam Dong. :'( For some reasons, I felt his pain, ouch!
Huhuhu.. That's okay Sam Dong oppa, I'm here..
On the first few episodes of the drama, I didn't care whoever Hyemi chooses to love eventually, if it's Jin Guk then go and if it's Sam Dong then it's not a problem. Both guys are the best, Jing Guk is one hot papa while Sam Dong is one hell of a cutie.. But later on, little by little I was convinced that Hyemi should be for Sam Dong and Sam Dong should be the most succesful artist among his peers in Kirin Art School by 2018.

Thankfully, the plot is on my side. bwahahaha!

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