June 18, 2011

the celebration isn't over yet, Congrats Dallas!

"For the first time in franchise history, the Dallas Mavericks have won the NBA championship. And the MVP of this series, Dirk Nowitzki."

It feels amazing now that you know that nobody can ever take this away from us again. And for one year we're the best team that is out there. It feels amazing. -Dirk Nowitzki

I know that I have celebrated much about Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA finals. I am not over it yet, especially after watching this video which my sensitive eyes excreted tears of joy. 

My mama always mocks me if I'm overreacting into something I watched on TV. I remember that time Hero Angeles got the SCQ's Grand Questor title and I told it to her. She just said, "Do you get a share of the price he received? No? Then why do you give a damn?" (she said something like that, promise). I was like, "What the hell, kill joy." So I don't bother to tell this thing to my mother. I know that she doesn't care... But I cannot stop myself to celebrate with them even though I don't get a trophy, money, a "thank you for supporting me" from Nowitzki or Terry or anything like that because this kind of thing makes me happy.. I'm talking about happiness here. So I don't care if people couldn't understand me, as long as I understand myself.hahaha..

I am not actually an avid NBA games follower. Actually, I only started watching this summer. My favorite was not Dallas, it was Oklohoma City Thunder then because of Kevin Durant. I was even pissed off when the Mavericks won the Western Conference against the Thunders. But when the finals came when you only have to choose between the Dallas and Miami, I chose Dallas though Miami's coach is a half-Filipino. Then you might be asking why, because for sure there are reasons. So here are the following:

1.) Nowitzki has a very impressive shooting skill. Gosh, he is such a shooter!
2.) I hate Lebron James' aura. I see a swagger in him. I don't like it. 
3.) Mavericks lost the championship against the Heat last 2006. I have a thing for the losers. So I wanted them to win this time.
4.) Before the finals, statistics showed that Miami Heat has the big chance to win it. I sided with the Mavericks to screw that statistics. hahaha..
5.) I wanted the Mavericks to win to at least comfort myself that the Thunders lost to the champion, not a runner-up..

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