June 25, 2011

my kpop music story

I've been officially listening to kpop music for almost a year now. My friend Nisseth has exposed me to it and she has helped me change my notions about kpop. If you didn't know, I was despising that music before. For me, it was just as bad as Filipino novelty songs void with meaning and sense. How could you appreciate such songs when all you understand are, "I want nobody, nobody but you', "I don't care.. eh eh eh er", "Sorry, sorry, sorry", "You better run, run, run, run, run". I didn't understand people get loco about it especially my sister who loved to talked about Super Junior summer of last year. One of the reasons we listen to songs is because we appreciate or love the lyrics and we can relate to it. Apparently, I can't do that to kpop since I don't understand the language. And second, the melody of the kpop songs I heard before are not of my liking. So I said, "I love Korean series and movies but their pop music won't win me over."

Then I met Nisseth, who is my roommate for 3 consecutive semesters now. I guess she's the only friend that I've known who is so into Korean stuff. She showed me music videos of different groups but I didn't fall. My belief was still intact until she shared to me the Super Junior's No Other. I was mesmerized by the melody. I was struck by how cute the members are especially Siwon. And in general the video is a temptation to watch over and over again. That said music video was the instrument for me to reconsider my views about kpop music. I realized, even though I'm a total fool about the lyrics there are still reasons to appreciate the song: the melody, the singers and most especially its video.

I have now collections of kpop songs and videos. Regularly, I watch the videos to soothe my day and I listen to the songs since they give me a calming effect. They are my comfort stuff.

I never was a fan of a particular group. Although I like many of Super Junior's songs, I don't consider myself as a total fan. I dislike some of its members especially Heechul. I also like Shinee but I don't like Taemin. Yet just recently I find myself appreciating and loving this new group which debuted last April 2011, B1A4. For the first time, I like every members. Still, the level of how I like them differs. Again, Nisseth was the one who introduced to me to this group. (Oh no, you don't know how much updated that friend of mine to the happenings of Korea's entertainment.) 

I love B1A4 and I'll follow their journey towards universal fame. :))
Funny it is, B1A4 is named after their blood types. :D CNU by the way reminds me of Hero Angeles, maybe because of his long hair.

Jinyoung is my most favorite one.. Gaad! He is so cute. 

Here's their epic music video:


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