June 13, 2011


There were lots of things that happened to me these past few days.

They were not interesting. They were just exhausting and energy draining.

I'd like to share my experience when I queued on an estimated 100-meter line for getting a slot in Stat 101.

It is really apt that my university, University of the Philippines (UP) is also jokingly called University of Pila (queue).  We do that a lot here. Getting an admission slip for checking-in in the dormitory, paying for the tuition and other fees, asking for pre-advising and many more are mostly done with queuing.

What is more problematic about queuing to get a subject is that your effort might be put in vain. You see, when you get there, there's no guarantee that you will be able to get a slot. You could wait for hours and find out that they can't enlist one more student.

I queued there for more than three hours.. Three hours is like three years when you're just standing by yourself with no friend to talk to. For those long hours that I'd been there which left me nothing to do but stand and wait, made me think about WAITING.

Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do especially when we talk about great expanse of time. But what hurts the most is to find out that you have waited for someone/something for NOTHING.

That was what I was worried about as I waited for my turn...what if there's nothing left for me? I didn't mind waiting even for one whole day as long as there's an assurance that I'll be going to get the subject. But waiting for something that can possibly never come is terrifying.. :( And you couldn't avoid to regret the time you spent waiting for it.

Now I understand the Air Supply's song: "I can wait forever, if you'll say you'll be there, too." I was critical about that song before. You'll wait for that person whether he'll be there or not because you love him. You don't tell him that he should be there, too. I thought that was just bullsh*t. But now, I believe it is foolish to wait for someone who told you beforehand that he couldn't be there. Then it's also not a wise idea to wait and you knew there's a chance that he can't make it. :(

Fortunately to me, I was able to get a slot. I almost not got it but who cares, I did get one at the end. :D The wait is worth it.

I'm going to experience more of waiting in the future. I just hope that I can determine which ones are worth the wait... You know, I don't want to wait for NOTHING.

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