July 30, 2011

City Hunter is the best so far

The no. 1 spot in the list of my favorite korean series has just changed to City Hunter, putting Secret Garden at the second place. This is totally different from the previous kdrama I had watched. Unlike Secret Garden, You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and many others which the story primarily revolves around two individuals unexpectedly falling in love with each other; City Hunter instead centers about the revenge of one man due to the betrayal of his country's leaders whom he gave his 100% loyalty. Watching City Hunter is turning 180 degrees from the typical dramas I prefer viewing, not to mention that this is the first action series I ever watched. 

Watch this very nice trailer with English subtitle. Don't worry, it won't spoil you, just to give you an idea of  how interesting it is:

It's so good to see corrupt leaders being exposed and punished. That's what the City Hunter does, publicly disclosing one by one the wicked ways of those supposedly respected politicians, and that makes the City Hunter a modern hero. He has no super powers, just an expertise in judo (we might also include taekwondo, karate), gun shooting and a lot more after being trained by his uncle since childhood with the purpose of preparing Lee Yun Sung (Lee Min Ho) for the cruelest revenge the world has ever known.

I did wish as I watched City Hunter that such person exists in my country. Philippines is one of the top  nations with corrupt leaders in the world and it would be the greatest gift to the country to have someone like City Hunter who could bring just punishment to those selfish leaders. It is a Korean drama, based from a manga (Japanese) but the setting is so very similar with the Philippines' political standing. It's one of the factors why I so love the drama, it depicts the very thing I want to happen to leaders up there who already millions (or maybe billions) in their pocket from the people's money. (Screw them all!)

Yes, the storyline itself is a "Whoaaahh!!" Then about the cast, I so love them all. Lee Min Ho, our dear City Hunter is such an excellent action star! He is the best choice for the character. It's a good thing he is the one who ended up with this project, with his towering height, hot hairstyle, impressive fighting skills, fierce eyes, yeah, he's perfect to be the City Hunter.

And Park Min Young! The love interest of City Hunter is stunningly pretty!

To the kilig addicts (like me), City Hunter has also that kind of ingredient:
But as you go on viewing every episode, their love story would be the last of your concern because there are stuff much more relevant than that. 

Really, two thumbs-up for the story. I won't be surprised that one day this series would spread worldwide.

July 24, 2011

Harry Potter, so this goodbye (Part III)

Harry Potter 7.2 movie is simply fantastic!

I am so grateful, I watched the movie in IMAX 3D at SM North for only P200.00!! The poor kid me, asked her companions to just view it on regular theater because my money can't afford for IMAX. But then Ate Jas really wanted to have it there so she just added P250. Wohoo, thank you Ate Jas! The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in IMAX was just a great experience.

Plus, first time ko sa IMAX..!! Amazing pala talaga dun, mas-naa-apprreciate mo ang iyong pinapanood. :))

Thank you Rona, Ate Jas and Mona for the company.. :))

July 23, 2011

Harry Potter, so this is goodbye (Part II)

One post to say goodbye to Harry Potter isn't enough to give justice on how great it is. This is my second part and for sure this is not yet the last. I have so many things to say about it so I expect more posts to come for Harry Potter (uhm, just 2 more posts I think). What I'll be sharing right now is my story of how I fell for Harry Potter so hard. This is a story of how I was led to it.

Summer of 2008 was the time I started falling in love with Harry Potter. It was year 2002 that I watched the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and truthfully, I didn't understand t. I viewed it with a very poor copy, talk about pirated cd with all those scratchy audio and gloomy visual. Plus, the British accent was such a nosebleed. I can't understand what they're talking about. I even wanted to stop watching at the middle because I was already sleepy and now, I don't remember why I painstakingly watched it till the end when from the start, I didn't get a thing. I was with my sister and though we didn't say a word after we finished it, our silence meant that we didn't follow through. I judged Harry Potter after that, for me it was a not a good movie. Of course, how could I appreciate it when I didn't have the idea about the whole amazing story?

When I entered UP, I encountered lots of Harry Potter fanatics. My first year here, I was bombarded by my dormmates and classmates with the question: “Do you read Harry Potter?” Many of them had a startled look on their faces after I shook my head and followed their inquiry with: “Why not?!” I don't remember telling them, “I wasn't able to grasp the story because it's hard to understand British English.” The answer I remember I gave to them was the simple statement, “I don't like it.” They talked a lot about Harry Potter since that was the time, I think, when the 6th or 7th book was yet to be released. They were just crazy about it and I can't comprehend them. They told me that it's such an amazing book and I just have to read it. Even so, no words were able to tempt me to unlock the door I closed to keep Harry Potter out of my bounds. Yes, it was not a word of mouth or an influence of a friend that led me to the path of loving Harry Potter. It was the time when I've got no option, but Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is one of my real-life examples that sometimes, your last choice is the best one. It is the last on your list because you didn't know that it is the best.

I was at home summer of 2008. I was on a vacation mode and I loved it. No worries, what you worry was how you'll kill the time. It was my opportunity to have a movie/series marathon. I borrowed lots of DVDs from my best friend, Jayson. He let me borrow as many as I want and I just picked almost all of them and Harry Potter from The Sorcerer's Stone to The Prisoner of Azkaban were included. From almost 20 movies Jayson lent to me, Harry Potter was the last movie I watched. Oh I remember that moment when my sister and me were left with a dilemma because it was only Harry Potter that has left and we wanted to watch more movies. I said, “Aw, Harry Potter na lang nabilin. Wa' nay lain. (There's nothing left to watch for, only Harry Potter) Ok lang sa imo na kani na lang ato tan-awon? Wala naman gud lain uy! (Is it okay to you that we'll watch this one? No choice!)” We agreed upon to watch it with less enthutiastic spirit since the memory was still fresh from the experience we got way back in 2002. But in my mind I said, “Let's just give Harry Potter a second chance.”

It's one of the best second chances I've ever given to something. Jayson had provided me a very good copy plus a subtitle! The subtitle guaranteed that I can finally understand the movie. Gaah, I didn't know that the story is really interesting until then. First movie down and we moved on to the second and third.. That's it, I was in love and still is right now. I read all the 7 books, watched the 7 movies and will be watching the last one soon.

It's a weird story of how I was led to this amazing book and movie. One thing that taught me with this experience is that you should never despise or belittle your last option/preference/choice because at the end, it could be the best thing ever that is out there. :D

July 17, 2011

Back to Him

One time, I happened to watch Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3. I saw the performance of the twins from Davao who sang a very touching song, After All by Peter Cetera. The song isn't new to me, it's kinda popular, I heard it often before from radios. I heard it many times but I didn't appreciate it because I didn't like the melody, it's too oldie to me. But when the twin brothers performed it, they have a different rendition so I came to take notice of the song and internalize the lyrics.

I love the lyrics. I even think that it could be used as a wedding song, you know, the part that says, “After all the stops and starts, we keep coming back to these two hearts.” Yesterday, while I ate my brunch I listened to the song over and over again. My most favorite part is,

Every memory repeats. Every step I take retreats. Every journey always brings me back to you.

I really love that part, my heart said that I can relate to it that's why I love it. Then my mind wondered, “How come! It doesn't remind me of someone from the past..” After contemplating, I arrived to a clear answer, it is something I want to say to GOD. If ever I'd be going to talk to God right now I'd say, “You know what God, every journey always brings me back to You.” My instinct tells me that after all, I need God in this journey. For the past days, maybe even weeks, my heart was in need of Him. I just didn't know where to go. I know some place but I made up my mind long before that I won't go back there because it's not my soil.

A lot of things happened yesterday, for one, the realization that I need God after all. I also went to Intramuros together with seven of my co-members in my sole organization in school, the UP GEOP, to conduct an outreach program to less fortunate children. We gave them food and slippers. I thought I'd be tired doing it but after the program, all I felt was happiness. I saw their big smiles receiving little stuff we prepared for them. It is really a beautiful feeling to make others happy. It was my first time doing that and I didn't know that it felt that way. I wanted to do it again. When I got back to my dorm, I even thought that when I get super rich or even just rich, I will not spend my birthday to have an extravagant party in my house and invite friends, family and neighbors. I will just spend the money to have my own outreach program to those needy children.

After the outreach, the six of us ate at McDo Philcoa. As we ate and talked, Who Am I by Casting Crowns was being played. Mark, Rolf and Mikka started singing along with it. And I just said, “That's Who I am or Who am I, right?” I was so stupid mentioning 'Who I am'. It was the result when you stopped listening to the song couple of years already. Later, when Rolf and I were in UP, he invited me to attend Sunday Service in his church. I guess, since he got the hint that I am or was a Christian because of the Who I am incident, he took the chance to invite me. At first, I was hesitant but I remembered that I've been longing for God, I just don't know where to go. Maybe his church is the place that I've been looking for, so I said I can come.

I was there earlier and I was blessed. I guess that's the place that I should be planted. I really wanted to be with God. I'm sick of being bitter, critical, cynical and thinking that I can do just right in this life  all by myself. One of my inherent attitudes is that I'm fickle. I could be swayed by just a little trial or a tiny discouragement. I pray for my faith to be never ceasing so that I can stand on my ground, so that I could go all the way to the decision I just made today.

Don't just follow your heart, man, because your heart could be deceived. But you've got to lead your heart. -Fireproof

July 14, 2011

Harry Potter, so this is goodbye (Part 1)

The Harry Potter series has now come to its end as the Deathly Hallows part II is being screened all over the world. I have two opposite feelings about this closure. First, sad, that is, to witness the finale of something so great and amazing you don't want to end. Second, happy, 100% happy to see Voldemort losing the battle. Now I am imagining myself looking down to the dying flesh of an evil, named Voldemort and I would say to his face, "Now what, LOSER!"

If Voldemort would be given a second life (w/c will never happen, unless..), this is my advice to him:
Yes Voldemort, whether you like it or not, a bad guy never ever finishes victorious.

I wish I could delete from my memory the story about Harry Potter so that I could read and watch it all over again with the same level of excitement as I had it on my first time. Too bad, our brains aren't like our computers that we could delete stuff in a second. I would really love to forget everything about it and then I'd go back to the beginning. Sounds foolish but I would definitely do it if ever it were possible. hehe. :))
Harry Potter is one of the greatest fictional stories ever told. Missing it out is like missing 50% of fun in your lifetime.

July 08, 2011

49 Days

Nam Gyu-Ri as Shin Ji Hyun

This is a story of the journey of a woman (Shin Ji-Hyun) who fights to save her life within 49 days. Ji-Hyun has been in a comatose state after engaging in a car accident. In order for her to wake up from that death-like situation, she needs to get three tears out of pure love from three different people excluding her family. A task she finds easy though she'll be doing it with just her spirit (and possessing someone's body) for she certainly knows three people who love her genuinely, her two best friends and her fiancee, who could cry a tear for her and save her from untimely death. It turns out that one of her best friends and her fiancee are plotting something to bring her family's company to a downfall. Those two people she dearly loves and trusts are actually the snakes in her life. Will she ever be going to get her life back now that she realizes that receiving pure love is as close as impossible?

Of all the Asianovelas that I've already watched, many of which are Koreanovelas, 49 Days is the series that I've poured too much tears from start to finish. It has lots of tear-jerking scenes and a bit boring. I only got excited at the start of Episode 13. Even so, it is not a crappy drama, I am just bothered by how heavy it is. 

One word to describe 49 Days: BITTERSWEET.

July 05, 2011

just saying

I just saw my former crush earlier as I was walking at the AS parking lot going to the engineering building. He saw me, I saw him and deadma. We both turned away and I was relieved by that. It is okay for me that we ignore each other than say 'Hi' as if we're friends where in fact, we were just groupmates almost two years ago. We became classmates and groupmates in GE 10, the very first major subject I took. He is a civil engineering student and they are required to take the said subject (which is about surveying). We were not groupmates by choice, our instructor was the one who picked the members per group. Sir Ark (I love Sir Ark, he is one of the kindest instructors I ever have) chose me as the leader of my group since I was the only Geodetic Eng'g major, then he was the assistant leader. 

Why did I like Him? Well, seeing him for the first time, my nerves did not send me a message to my brain that I like him. Yeah, it was not because I was transfixed by his looks, he's not really that cute. I started liking him when I heard him spoke. Goodness! What a sexy and confident voice he has. He can be a disc jockey, that's how alluring his voice is. Plus, I admired him for his discipline when he told the class (it was getting-to-know-your-classmate time) that he lost 20 pounds and was definitely chubby before. Then I also found out that he is a rich kid. Admit it girls, when a guy is rich we give them plus and plus pogi points. I eventually saw him in a different light. I realized that he was cute with chinky eyes, fair skin and beautiful smile. So I officially liked him, categorizing him as a crush.

He broke my heart afterwards without him knowing (emo!). I simply saw him walking hand in hand with a girl. What was more hurting was the girl was soooo pretty. My heart was crushed and I got back to my dorm with my self-esteem almost gone. I woke up to reality again(!!) that he will always be just a crush, a star I could not possibly reach. (Bwahaha..emo!)

I didn't know which one happened first: knowing that he has a girlfriend or stalking him via Internet. Ehem, indeed, I stalked him on the Internet. You know, just googling his name and searching him on Facebook. I didn't find his fb account but I discovered that he has a blog. I read almost everything that he posted from 2007, (I think) when he was just a high school student in Ateneo, to present. I also saw his chubby self, he really did lose a lot of weight. I learned so many things about him without him talking about them to me personally. (hehe, Thank you blog!) I have known that he is an E-heads fan; his father bought him an Apple laptop when he passed UPCAT; he had a girlfriend from UST when he was in high school; he is the eldest child; his mother convinced him to take Civil Eng'g to follow his father's foot steps and lastly, he was very vocal of being malibog (lewd). 

Our last requirement in GE 10 was to draw a survey plan. It should be done by pair and he chose me as his partner. I felt awkward meeting and conversing with him during those times that we have to finish our requirement because I might spill something about him that he didn't say before. I might slipped and say, "Yeah, 'coz you're from Ateneo". He would say, "Hell yes, how did you know that? I didn't tell you that before." And with shock on my face, I will confess to him that I'm reading his blog. Then he would ask me how did I find his blog. I would tell him truthfully that I googled him. With curiosity, he would ask why. And because being curious about him is such a lame answer, I'd say, "I like you and I wanted to know more about you." Waah! Such a shameful thing if that incident did happen. Good thing I am a person of few words and is never tactless.

Why did I suddenly talk about him anyway? Because he was the culprit why I blog again, in a way, he inspired me. If you didn't know, I had a blog before this and I deleted it. I wiped it out of the blogosphere because it won't do me any good. But when I read his blog, my hunger for blogging re-existed. He influenced me and it's something I wouldn't deny.

I had fun crushing on him although it was a one-sided infatuation. Don't worry friends, I moved on long ago. :))

July 01, 2011

If you could only listen to one song for the next month, which would it be?

And I know that it's wrong to want something
so false and so fake
it's not that I want to fix you
I just want to get my way

Cause you're the one that I put on a pedestal
the one who keeps coming back to me
the one that I gave my whole heart to
the one who makes me believe

I encountered that question from my friend's formspring account and I responded to it since I've been listening passionately to one song lately. No More Wishing by Hayley Taylor is just legen, wait for it, dary song for me. I'm in love with it.

By the way, I heard the song from How I Met Your Mother Season 4. It was the background music when Barney (the awesome! guy) and Robin had an awkward, funny conversation. After watching that episode, I wrote down the lyrics and searched it on google. :) It is just amusing that alot of people only know the song because of that show. The person (do we call them musical director?) who picks the songs in HIMYM has the same taste of music as mine. I love 90% of the songs they were playing. Isn't it amazing? :) I should track down all of them next time (<----a procrastinator's statement.haha).

Another by the way, How I Met Your Mother is such an excellent comedy tv show . I have just finished season 4 and I'm excited for season 5. :)

Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin and Ted.. I am fascinated by the strong tie of their friendship in spite of their eccentricities.


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