July 08, 2011

49 Days

Nam Gyu-Ri as Shin Ji Hyun

This is a story of the journey of a woman (Shin Ji-Hyun) who fights to save her life within 49 days. Ji-Hyun has been in a comatose state after engaging in a car accident. In order for her to wake up from that death-like situation, she needs to get three tears out of pure love from three different people excluding her family. A task she finds easy though she'll be doing it with just her spirit (and possessing someone's body) for she certainly knows three people who love her genuinely, her two best friends and her fiancee, who could cry a tear for her and save her from untimely death. It turns out that one of her best friends and her fiancee are plotting something to bring her family's company to a downfall. Those two people she dearly loves and trusts are actually the snakes in her life. Will she ever be going to get her life back now that she realizes that receiving pure love is as close as impossible?

Of all the Asianovelas that I've already watched, many of which are Koreanovelas, 49 Days is the series that I've poured too much tears from start to finish. It has lots of tear-jerking scenes and a bit boring. I only got excited at the start of Episode 13. Even so, it is not a crappy drama, I am just bothered by how heavy it is. 

One word to describe 49 Days: BITTERSWEET.

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