July 30, 2011

City Hunter is the best so far

The no. 1 spot in the list of my favorite korean series has just changed to City Hunter, putting Secret Garden at the second place. This is totally different from the previous kdrama I had watched. Unlike Secret Garden, You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and many others which the story primarily revolves around two individuals unexpectedly falling in love with each other; City Hunter instead centers about the revenge of one man due to the betrayal of his country's leaders whom he gave his 100% loyalty. Watching City Hunter is turning 180 degrees from the typical dramas I prefer viewing, not to mention that this is the first action series I ever watched. 

Watch this very nice trailer with English subtitle. Don't worry, it won't spoil you, just to give you an idea of  how interesting it is:

It's so good to see corrupt leaders being exposed and punished. That's what the City Hunter does, publicly disclosing one by one the wicked ways of those supposedly respected politicians, and that makes the City Hunter a modern hero. He has no super powers, just an expertise in judo (we might also include taekwondo, karate), gun shooting and a lot more after being trained by his uncle since childhood with the purpose of preparing Lee Yun Sung (Lee Min Ho) for the cruelest revenge the world has ever known.

I did wish as I watched City Hunter that such person exists in my country. Philippines is one of the top  nations with corrupt leaders in the world and it would be the greatest gift to the country to have someone like City Hunter who could bring just punishment to those selfish leaders. It is a Korean drama, based from a manga (Japanese) but the setting is so very similar with the Philippines' political standing. It's one of the factors why I so love the drama, it depicts the very thing I want to happen to leaders up there who already millions (or maybe billions) in their pocket from the people's money. (Screw them all!)

Yes, the storyline itself is a "Whoaaahh!!" Then about the cast, I so love them all. Lee Min Ho, our dear City Hunter is such an excellent action star! He is the best choice for the character. It's a good thing he is the one who ended up with this project, with his towering height, hot hairstyle, impressive fighting skills, fierce eyes, yeah, he's perfect to be the City Hunter.

And Park Min Young! The love interest of City Hunter is stunningly pretty!

To the kilig addicts (like me), City Hunter has also that kind of ingredient:
But as you go on viewing every episode, their love story would be the last of your concern because there are stuff much more relevant than that. 

Really, two thumbs-up for the story. I won't be surprised that one day this series would spread worldwide.

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