July 14, 2011

Harry Potter, so this is goodbye (Part 1)

The Harry Potter series has now come to its end as the Deathly Hallows part II is being screened all over the world. I have two opposite feelings about this closure. First, sad, that is, to witness the finale of something so great and amazing you don't want to end. Second, happy, 100% happy to see Voldemort losing the battle. Now I am imagining myself looking down to the dying flesh of an evil, named Voldemort and I would say to his face, "Now what, LOSER!"

If Voldemort would be given a second life (w/c will never happen, unless..), this is my advice to him:
Yes Voldemort, whether you like it or not, a bad guy never ever finishes victorious.

I wish I could delete from my memory the story about Harry Potter so that I could read and watch it all over again with the same level of excitement as I had it on my first time. Too bad, our brains aren't like our computers that we could delete stuff in a second. I would really love to forget everything about it and then I'd go back to the beginning. Sounds foolish but I would definitely do it if ever it were possible. hehe. :))
Harry Potter is one of the greatest fictional stories ever told. Missing it out is like missing 50% of fun in your lifetime.

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