July 23, 2011

Harry Potter, so this is goodbye (Part II)

One post to say goodbye to Harry Potter isn't enough to give justice on how great it is. This is my second part and for sure this is not yet the last. I have so many things to say about it so I expect more posts to come for Harry Potter (uhm, just 2 more posts I think). What I'll be sharing right now is my story of how I fell for Harry Potter so hard. This is a story of how I was led to it.

Summer of 2008 was the time I started falling in love with Harry Potter. It was year 2002 that I watched the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and truthfully, I didn't understand t. I viewed it with a very poor copy, talk about pirated cd with all those scratchy audio and gloomy visual. Plus, the British accent was such a nosebleed. I can't understand what they're talking about. I even wanted to stop watching at the middle because I was already sleepy and now, I don't remember why I painstakingly watched it till the end when from the start, I didn't get a thing. I was with my sister and though we didn't say a word after we finished it, our silence meant that we didn't follow through. I judged Harry Potter after that, for me it was a not a good movie. Of course, how could I appreciate it when I didn't have the idea about the whole amazing story?

When I entered UP, I encountered lots of Harry Potter fanatics. My first year here, I was bombarded by my dormmates and classmates with the question: “Do you read Harry Potter?” Many of them had a startled look on their faces after I shook my head and followed their inquiry with: “Why not?!” I don't remember telling them, “I wasn't able to grasp the story because it's hard to understand British English.” The answer I remember I gave to them was the simple statement, “I don't like it.” They talked a lot about Harry Potter since that was the time, I think, when the 6th or 7th book was yet to be released. They were just crazy about it and I can't comprehend them. They told me that it's such an amazing book and I just have to read it. Even so, no words were able to tempt me to unlock the door I closed to keep Harry Potter out of my bounds. Yes, it was not a word of mouth or an influence of a friend that led me to the path of loving Harry Potter. It was the time when I've got no option, but Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is one of my real-life examples that sometimes, your last choice is the best one. It is the last on your list because you didn't know that it is the best.

I was at home summer of 2008. I was on a vacation mode and I loved it. No worries, what you worry was how you'll kill the time. It was my opportunity to have a movie/series marathon. I borrowed lots of DVDs from my best friend, Jayson. He let me borrow as many as I want and I just picked almost all of them and Harry Potter from The Sorcerer's Stone to The Prisoner of Azkaban were included. From almost 20 movies Jayson lent to me, Harry Potter was the last movie I watched. Oh I remember that moment when my sister and me were left with a dilemma because it was only Harry Potter that has left and we wanted to watch more movies. I said, “Aw, Harry Potter na lang nabilin. Wa' nay lain. (There's nothing left to watch for, only Harry Potter) Ok lang sa imo na kani na lang ato tan-awon? Wala naman gud lain uy! (Is it okay to you that we'll watch this one? No choice!)” We agreed upon to watch it with less enthutiastic spirit since the memory was still fresh from the experience we got way back in 2002. But in my mind I said, “Let's just give Harry Potter a second chance.”

It's one of the best second chances I've ever given to something. Jayson had provided me a very good copy plus a subtitle! The subtitle guaranteed that I can finally understand the movie. Gaah, I didn't know that the story is really interesting until then. First movie down and we moved on to the second and third.. That's it, I was in love and still is right now. I read all the 7 books, watched the 7 movies and will be watching the last one soon.

It's a weird story of how I was led to this amazing book and movie. One thing that taught me with this experience is that you should never despise or belittle your last option/preference/choice because at the end, it could be the best thing ever that is out there. :D

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