August 30, 2011

12 heads are enough to win a Hangaroo game

Yes, 2 heads are better than one. But I tell you, 12 heads are way, way better than 2!

One evening, 12 students played a Hangaroo game. They were all aiming to finish until the last level, level 10. A level that they hadn't reached or ended successfully yet on their own. But the situation was different on that fateful day because there were 12 people with brilliant minds (naks!) who came together to nail that game. 
There was no prize. Even so, the fact that they made it to the top was enough to jump to their feet and to scream like that. :D

YEY! We won!

August 27, 2011

Dahil Ngayon ay Buwan ng Wika

Para sa akin mas nakakatuwang magsalita at magsulat gamit ang Wikang Filipino. Pero nag-Eenglish ako sa blog ko. Ayronik no? Feeler kasi ako eh, kahit mali-mali grammar ko, feeling ko matalino ako kapag nag-Eenglish ako. Pero mas fun talaga magsulat in Filipino, mas madaling magpatawa at mas mabilis ang flow ng mga ideya. Sa English kaya, na-sta-stuck ako, nasasabaw ang utak ko. Ngunit patuloy pa rin ako sa pag-eenglish dito kasi goal kong mag-ipon ng maraming flags ng iba't-ibang bansa! At mas madali kong ma-aachieve yun kapag nag-eenglish ako.hahaha! Oo, seryoso ako, isa yan sa mga dahilan. Minsan lang ako nag-Fifilipino gaya ngayon dahil ang Agosto ay buwan ng Wikang Filipino. Nais kong mag-post kahit isa man lang para ipahayag ang aking pagka-giliw at pagmamahal (kahit sabihin mo pang kaunti lang iyon) sa sarili nating wika. Basta sure ako na hindi ko ikinahihiya ang Wikang Filipino.

Kaya ayun, nais ko lang mag-share ng mga Original Pinoy Music na gusto ko. Aktwali, marami akong gusto, as in. Oo, marami akong pinakikinggang Pinoy music no.. Kahit k-pop ako nang k-pop kasama pa rin ang OPM sa mga pinakikinggan ko. Magaling kaya gumawa ng kanta ang mga Pinoy (taas ang noo!) Oo sila, huwag niyo akong isali kasi bobo ako pagdating sa music.hehehe.. Maganda ang music namin, mas maganda din pag sinasabi siya in Filipino..

Kaya eto pumili ako ng top 5 Tagalog songs na gusto ko.. :)) Pasensya na, mostly emo sila.. Medyo emo kasi ako pagdating sa usapin ng pag-ibig. Minsan kasi nag-eenjoy ako kapag ma-drama ang kanta, yung nasasaktan ang nagsasalita. :))

"At kung hindi man dumating sa 'kin ang panahon na ako ay mahalin mo rin. Asahan mong di ako magdaramdam kahit ako ay nasasaktan. Huwag mo lang ipagkait na ikaw ay aking mahalin." (masyadong ma-chika ang lyrics pero gusto ko talaga siya..hahaha. )

Nandito Ako ni Lea Salonga ang pinaka-paborito kong OPM nung bata ako. Lihim ko itong kinakanta dati..hihihi (Sabi na sa inyo emo eh.)

Emong-emo na talaga, hindi na mapipigilan.

Di kita pipilitin. Sundin mo pang iyong damdamin. Hayaan nalang tumibok ang puso mopara sa akin.
Nakaka-relate talaga ako sa kantang to. Hindi kasi ako namimilit eh.

Malapit sa puso ko ang kantang 'to. Naaalala ko kasi ang McDo commercial tungkol sa mga miyembro ng pamilya na sa paglipas ng panahon ay nagkaroon ng separate na mga landas. Kaya ayun, nalulungkot ako kasi ganun din ang nangyayari sa aking pamilya, sina mama at papa na lang ngayon ang nasa tahanan namin.  

August 21, 2011

the call

I texted my mama : Ma, manawag ko unya ha? (Ma, I'll call you later ha?--- weird translation with a 'ha'..haha)

Mama replied: Sure, I'm always waiting.

huhuhu (I cry literally).. Mama is waiting for my call since thursday! It's our tradition to talk for at least 15 minutes every week.. For this week, we haven't talked yet by the phone. I'm the one who's calling to her because I am a TM subscriber while her SIM is Globe. TM has this 15 minutes call for only 15 pesos. So she would send me load and I'd be the one to call her. I feel guilty for not making time to call her. What is 15 minutes Jellian?!

Trivia1: I was originally a Globe subscriber but I switched to TM when I found out that they have this 15MinutesCall for 15Pesos, for Mama. I want to talk to her that much without such a pain in our pocket.

Trivia2: Mama's first SIM was blocked by Globe because she was always registering for unli call (for 1 day) so she can talk with me and my sister for longer time. Now she's afraid on registering for unli call because she doesn't want to be blocked again. You know, it's a hassle for her especially that she is also a loader.

OH mama! I'm really sorry and

August 19, 2011

My Teacher is a Celebrity

I attended UP Broadcasting Association's ACLE entitled 'Ang Teacher Ko, CELEBRITY!' to see Mr. Ramon Bautista in person who is my new idol of awesomeness! I became his fan when I found his formspring and twitter account through a friend just a few months ago. He doesn't fail to tickle me with his funny but witty responses and tweets on those sites. So from the time of my discovery of his formspring, I regularly check his account to see his latest responses or sometimes I just read his previous posts to engage myself in laugh trip once again. Since my fondness of him grow more and more, I also researched about him through the Internet. I got interesting facts like he said matter-of-factly that he is inherently lazy person which is something I could hardly believe since he is an actor, director, film editor, UP lecturer and of course, internet action star all at the same time. Maybe it is really true that once you do what you love, laziness would be simply not a problem. 

Meeting him in person was what I was totally excited about for the week. Nothing could bring my spirit down not even my difficult exam last night and the checking of the 1st long exam of my another hard core major subject before the ACLE, for my great anticipation to see personally the guy who have brought laughter to my stressful self. I arrived there late and there was only one seat left. I was surprised that many students actually attended. It was also apparent that they came with the same reason as mine, to meet Ramon Bautista. The person beside me even wore a shirt that said, "Girlfriend ako ni Ramon Bautista." Hehe.. Such a fangirl. After several minutes that I arrived, the room was already filled. Others were just squatting on the floor. 

When it was his time to talk/ share, he was bothered by the people squatting right in front of him. Baka daw kasi matalsikan sila ng laway, which caused a guffaw from the audience. He shared a lot of stuff which were related about him being a teacher and a celebrity. He graduated from the College of Mass Communication, majoring in Film here in UP Diliman. But Film wasn't his original course, it was Architecture. His teenage self was a fan of Pugad Baboy and comics in general. He chose Architecture because the creator of Pugad Baboy comics is an Architecture graduate. He later expressed that, "Wala naman palang kinalaman ang komiks sa Architecture!" Given that the said course is tedious and demanding, he is a lazy person (w/c he openly admitted), lack of passion---he shifted to the field which ignited his passion (char!). In terms of teaching, he didn't actually picture himself of doing it. He said jokingly that he was discouraged by his high school teacher (in UPIS), that teachers have low salaries plus they have students who get on their nerves most of the time. He even commented that it is so unjust that a teacher after educating young minds for 40 years just gets P20,000 a month.tsk.tsk. But still, he went into teaching which left me wondering 'till now if it's a no choice thing or he realized later on that he loved it, because he joked a lot. The jokes and the facts were already mixed-up that I was incapable of determining which one is or isn't true. Mr. RB's talk was just like I was in a comedy bar.

I came there with my expectations to see him, to be humored by his antics, to know more about him and to learn about what he got to say about life.  I did get all of those things which I was thankful about. But what's more amazing is that I just didn't get those things, I received more.. Mr. Ramon Bautista wasn't the only guest but also Jim Paredes and Director Maryo J. Delos Reyes. Sir Jim Paredes is an Areneo, opps, I mean Ateneo professor. :) I missed the first half of his talk since I arrived late and he was the first one to speak. One of the things that he said that sticks to my mind is this (not verbatim):  You don't have to believe everything your professors tell you; You don't have to believe everything an  older and wiser person instills to you; You don't have to believe everything that the Holy book has written; You don't have to believe something because the majority else does so; You only believe what's real to you. I highly agree with it. It is simply true. Believing something because you are just pressured is what we call hypocrisy.

Sir Maryo J. Delos Reyes is an award-winning director here and abroad. His most popular work is Magnifico which claimed many awards. He is currently directing the teleserye, Munting Heredera on GMA (Sorry Sir, I'm a Kapamilya eh). What Sir Maryo first shared to us was the heartaches he had experienced being on the industry when he was just a newbie. He said that it was painful that others would not listen to you because you are just a nobody to them. It was so hurting to him especially when he knew that he got something important and excellent to say. Wow, a person who is elite on his field having experienced rejections sends a message to us, "Rejection just can't bring you down." Another interesting thing is that, ever since he was in kindergarten, he already knew what he wanted to do in life and that is directing. Wow, when I was that age I only wanted an ice cream and  Rinbee which my mama forbade us to consume! And even until now I am still not really sure of what I truly love to do in this life. 

All in all, I learn a lot from them. I wanted to say more but I have to go, many stuff are waiting  to be done! :))

August 06, 2011

Relationship 101 in How I Met Your Mother

Robin: Every good relationship has a reacher and a settler.

Ted: Exactly, one person reaches for someone out of their league, the other one settles for someone below theirs.

Marshall: I do not settle for Lily. Okay yes, she's a little short. And true, my mom says she doesn't have the hips to bear the Eriksen child.. But.. (long pause).. Oh my God, you guys think I'm the reacher!
Robin again
Robin: That's why Lily is not jealous. The settler is never jealous of the reacher because where's the reacher gonna go? The settler Lily is the best thing that the reacher Marshall is ever gonna get.

Lily (Marshall's wife)

** I'd say that I agree with this reacher and settler thing.. I know of many couples who are in this category.. Most of the time, the ladies are the settlers and the guys are the reacher(s??) which is a good scenario because they usually last, according to my observation. But when it's the other way around, such a disaster.. Men tend to look for someone better than them..
    My parents might even fall to this category.. My mother is the settler and my father is the reacher.. But I would presume that by now, my mother already realizes that she's just as lucky for having my father.. :))

August 05, 2011

My Tanka Poems

My first long exam in Stat 101 has a bunos part. To be able to get 3 points, we have to write three tanka poems. A tanka poem is a five-line Japanese poetry. The first and third lines should have 5 syllables, the second, fourth and fifth should have 7 syllables and the rhyme isn't necessary.

I am not a fan of poems.. I never made a single poem out of my own will ever. Reading poems in my leisure time is something I haven't done. Although I have encountered some beautiful poems that I clearly understand the message, I always have this thought in my mind that poems will only cloud/confuse my mind. I guess my English 12 experience with poetry had something to do with my dislike right now, because my prof provided us to read poems which for me are hard core.. I had to read them again and again in order to squeeze the message that's been hiding from those words.. And at the end of the day I still didn't get one. So since I got a lot more of frustration in poems than appreciation, I have low regards to them.

When I read the bonus part, I became gloomy. Why poems? Why? But because I wanted to get the bunos points, I made it. I had 35 minutes left to make 3 poems. Yes I know, that is relatively long enough to finish 3. Yet I only succeeded of doing 2. I still remember what I wrote so I'm sharing it here. Oh no! I'm not proud of it! You might even laugh at me because I have no artistry or creativity in my veins. I'm so sorry, yes I'm apoligizing early on, for these are just what my brain has produced:

Tanka Poem No. 1:

Boy, you're all I see
Staring at you discreetly
Turn your eyes on me
Chills it give when you do it
But I am invisible.

Tanka Poem No. 2:
Don't tell me what's right
Don't dictate me what to do
I am not perfect
You are not perfect either
So shut up now, mind yourself.
(Is this even a poem??haha)

August 02, 2011

The Psychology Test

I have just taken a very cool psychology test from this site. It has been posted from one of my facebook groups I am a member of. I am very fond of taking such kind of tests, so I directly opened it and didn't hesitate whether to take it or not. The results made me laugh. :DD Sure thing, it doesn't speak 100% about me but I guess some parts are true.

Please do give time to answer it so we could compare our answers. Take it right now. Please pause on reading this and just get back after you're through taking the test. You know, if you keep on reading this one you already don't have the right to answer it because you will be spoiled and you will already know what do those animals and colors stand for. So for the sake of fun, take the psychology test here. :D


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