August 05, 2011

My Tanka Poems

My first long exam in Stat 101 has a bunos part. To be able to get 3 points, we have to write three tanka poems. A tanka poem is a five-line Japanese poetry. The first and third lines should have 5 syllables, the second, fourth and fifth should have 7 syllables and the rhyme isn't necessary.

I am not a fan of poems.. I never made a single poem out of my own will ever. Reading poems in my leisure time is something I haven't done. Although I have encountered some beautiful poems that I clearly understand the message, I always have this thought in my mind that poems will only cloud/confuse my mind. I guess my English 12 experience with poetry had something to do with my dislike right now, because my prof provided us to read poems which for me are hard core.. I had to read them again and again in order to squeeze the message that's been hiding from those words.. And at the end of the day I still didn't get one. So since I got a lot more of frustration in poems than appreciation, I have low regards to them.

When I read the bonus part, I became gloomy. Why poems? Why? But because I wanted to get the bunos points, I made it. I had 35 minutes left to make 3 poems. Yes I know, that is relatively long enough to finish 3. Yet I only succeeded of doing 2. I still remember what I wrote so I'm sharing it here. Oh no! I'm not proud of it! You might even laugh at me because I have no artistry or creativity in my veins. I'm so sorry, yes I'm apoligizing early on, for these are just what my brain has produced:

Tanka Poem No. 1:

Boy, you're all I see
Staring at you discreetly
Turn your eyes on me
Chills it give when you do it
But I am invisible.

Tanka Poem No. 2:
Don't tell me what's right
Don't dictate me what to do
I am not perfect
You are not perfect either
So shut up now, mind yourself.
(Is this even a poem??haha)

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