August 02, 2011

The Psychology Test

I have just taken a very cool psychology test from this site. It has been posted from one of my facebook groups I am a member of. I am very fond of taking such kind of tests, so I directly opened it and didn't hesitate whether to take it or not. The results made me laugh. :DD Sure thing, it doesn't speak 100% about me but I guess some parts are true.

Please do give time to answer it so we could compare our answers. Take it right now. Please pause on reading this and just get back after you're through taking the test. You know, if you keep on reading this one you already don't have the right to answer it because you will be spoiled and you will already know what do those animals and colors stand for. So for the sake of fun, take the psychology test here. :D

There are only four questions, thank God, it isn't that long. You know, I hate long tests.. I don't usually finish it..hehe.. No, I don't think I'm impatient, the right adjective is lazy..

So for the first question, as you already know because you already took it, is to rank the 5 animals according to your liking/preference..
My ranking is this:
1.) cow
2.) pig
3.) sheep
4.) horse
5.) tiger
...I put cow in no. 1 because for me, it is the most important animal being mentioned since it has provided us not only meat but also its milk. The tiger is the last since I'm scared of its existence. (rawr!! really scary!)..
So what do those animals mean? According to my ranking of those animals, my priorities in life rank like this:
1.) career (cow)
2.) money (pig)
3.) love (sheep)
4.) family (horse)
5.) pride (tiger)
... I was like, "Hugh??!!! Why does my family only come fourth?!!" Well at least, my pride comes last..hehe.. Or is it bad that I don't have that much relevance to my pride?

The second task is to describe each animal: dog, cat, rat, coffee, sea.. Whatever description I give to a dog is the description I give to myself, to the cat is to my partner (hey, I don't have a partner!), to a rat is to my enemy (dugh, I don't have an enemy), to the sea is to my life.
Here they are:

  • dog is brave (hahaha, so I am brave? Weh? All this time I refer myself as timid and then you tell me I'm brave? No,no,no, I know myself better..)
  • cat is sly (synonym of sly: deceitful, stealthy, treacherous... Oh my! This is a warning! Yes, I get the message: Better be an old maid! hehe)
  • rat is dirty (I really don't have an enemy.. I dislike some people but I don't refer them as enemies. )
  • coffee is bitter (bwahaha.. This is a laugh! Sex is bitter. So all of those I'm hearing about about sex is a  lie? hehe.. ewww, sex is bitter like a bitter gourd (ampalaya) so I won't miss out big time if ever I shall not taste it in my lifetime.. bwahaha)
  • sea is deep (Yes! That's right! My life is deep, it is never shallow.. hehehe)
The third task is to accompany the given colors to someone who is important  to me that I can relate to the said colors:
  • yellow is someone I will never forget ( I wrote Rona because I remember that the color yellow suits her best.. :) Oh yes, I shall never forget Rona. You won't forget a very, very good friend. :) )
  • orange is someone I consider as true friend ( I didn't know anyone who is related of this color. Well, I know one though, Manny Villar (hahaha).. I thought of Jayson so I just picked him for the color orange. Wow, Jayson is my best friend since high school.. Truthfully, I consider him as one of my true friends. :) )
  • red is someone I really love (My sister loves the color red so I chose her. Definitely, I really love her. :) )
  • white is my twin soul --- I missed this one.. haha.. careless..
  • green is someone I will remember for the rest of my life ( Well, I chose my brother for this color because he is a green minded person (I think most guys are..) I just remember a time when my sister told me that she caught my brother watching porn.hehe.. So that's it, his color is green.. )
What about you?

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