September 21, 2011

Facebook group: K-POP lovers of UP Diliman

The group, K-POP lovers of UP Diliman, is created just last week and it has now more than 100 members, not that much but the numbers would surely climb for the next few weeks. It was Nisseth who added me to that group and it was her orgmate who created it. It delighted me, as in, that someone decided to make such one. It is just great to meet others from your own school even if it's just on a social networking site that share the same craze as you have. I must say that it is yet the best facebook group that I am a member of.hihi.

It is the first group that I actually engaged on chatting with the members. A member said that she's a BANA (a name called to B1A4's fans) and I can't help but comment because I'm a BANA too.

Amazing, that is, to find someone liking stuff exactly the same with yours in every details. I personally know three fangirls who like B1A4: two of my roommates, Nisseth & Hazel, and my sister. But we have different preferences when it comes to the members. Nisseth likes Gongchan and Jinyoung then she puts CNU at the last. While Hazel is biased with Jinyoung and Sandeul. And my sister is for Jinyoung alone. But that Ms. Deegee above, we are just the same and it definitely amuses me. Sometimes, thoughts come to me of why others don't like what I like and vice versa. It is just that, at some point you want a confirmation from someone that this person is indeed extraordinarily cute/charming/handsome/great. Yes, it is good that there is at least one person who agrees with you. It sucks, you know, to be the only one in believing on something. Thank you, Ms. Deegee, now I feel being understood. And it's a relief knowing that I'm not alone!hehe.

Jinyoung is one hell of a charming person! He sings well and he composes songs. Aigoo! I'm older than him!

He has the smile that could change a gloomy atmosphere into something bright. He is the best dancer in their group. And he's SEXY (No need for him to show some skin to prove that, it's already obvious in his built.) :D
B1A4 Hwaiting!

September 15, 2011

I heart booksales

I love books. I always have this triumphant feeling after I finish reading one. I don't know, but finishing reading a book gives me some kind of a fulfillment. I have this wild desire to read all the novels which are out there. But since I can never do that, I just have to read as many as I can in this lifetime of mine. Last year, I began listing and counting the books that I already read. For 2010, I read a total of 17 and I want to surpass that number this year. Unfortunately, I only have read 6 yet. It's already September and I only have 3 months left to read at least 12 more books! I know that's lame, 9 months have gone by but I only manage to finish six. It's just that acads gets in the way (hihi) and I have other vices too like watching Korean dramas, movies, tv series and k-popping (hihi). Also, reading through electronic book makes my pace real slow. I realized, paperbound books are still way better than the recent technology had offered. Of the 6 books I've read so far this year, 5 of them are e-books. Oh no! You don't how much I long for the real books.

No doubt that it made me smile big time when we were at Market! Market!. When we entered the mall, what welcomed us was a BOOKSALE! We were like kids that time, exclaiming for something that we love, “Wow! Booksale!” There were buy one take one books for only P99. I got four and it really made me happy. I thought, “Yes! I have something to read this sem break that isn't an ebook.” Rona and Ate Grace bought 6 and 3, respectively. I'm quite positive that I can read many books this sem break so I'm going to borrow theirs. I went back to my dorm bringing only three because Ate Grace already borrowed one of them.hihi My plan was to read them for the break but I already started reading the 'The Dive from Clausen's Pier' by Ann Packer. I found it interesting and the statements on the cover, “How much do we owe the people we love? Is it a sign of strength or of weakness to walk away from someone in need?”, intrigued me. I googled it, by the way, to get some reviews. It surprised me that in 2005 it was adapted to a movie.

So I guess this is a book worth reading for, for it takes a book to be good to be given a chance to showcase it as a movie:) My intuition tells me that I'm going to finish it before the month ends.hihi. Perhaps I don't need to wait for the break.  

September 11, 2011

Mikaela Lagdameo stunned me

I was at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig yesterday to attend an event together with 2 friends. As we were walking to go to the venue, we met a very pretty woman in her fashionable clothes and high heels. She was with two cute kids whom I assumed were her children. I stared at her because she's really pretty and looking at her goddess-like face, I most admire its shape. When they were already a bit far from us, I told Rona and Ate Grace something like she's so hot/pretty/stunning for a mother. Rona then said that she's Mikaela Lagdameo, a model. When she uttered the name, it rang a bell to me.. I thought of Bianca Gonzales' blog because I thought I did encounter the name there. So just a little bit earlier I went to Miss Bianca's blog and found her post about Miss Mikaela:

posted 04 January 2011 at entitled, People of My Year 2010

Rona also told me that she was once a commercial model of Pond's (actually, she has many more tv commercials).. So I looked for it on YouTube and found it!

I remember the commercial but I didn't know that it was Miss Mikaela.

Also, I read an article about her. She is amazing, really. Not just because she has been blessed with that external beauty but also because of the things she did and does. Her existence makes me remind again that life is really unfair. ( No, don't misinterpret me, I'm not bitter. ) The distribution of beauty and not so beautiful features are not well divided to human beings. One can have them all while others barely get one or two. Mika Lagdameo is one of the few who almost got all the good stuff. 

Since there's an expression that had been uttered many times yesterday, I wanna use it now to Miss Mikaela, "You already! :))". 

*You already came from the verbatimly translated famous Tagalog expression, Ikaw na!

September 10, 2011

I would establish my own tv station!

If I were a billionaire, I may have already put up a TV station here. The rivalry wouldn't be between GMA and ABS-CBN anymore, but my station versus the no. 1 network (for me), ABS-CBN. It is just frustrating that the celebrities I don't like seeing on tv are the ones who get many projects. And those actors/actresses who are my fave are the ones who don't get major roles. So I was like, "GAAHHH! If I were a billionaire, I have already created my own tv station wherein I have the power to choose celebrities I want in a role!"

I would really be biased. As the president, I have the final say of who would be included in the cast. Producers, directors and others could give suggestions but they can't force me to include an actress that I don't like, e.g. Cristine Reyes. If they would insist, I will fire them and I would tell them to establish their own tv station instead so that they can cast Cristine Reyes in every teleseryes they would make.hahaha! Even if I am against everybody else's opinion and they would bug me to get Cristine Reyes for the role, I will not budge. I'd say, "No way! Get Sam Pinto instead! Take it or leave it!" (Naks! Terror!) I won't ask for any statistics to know if this celebrity is liked by the viewers. As long as I like him/her, I would make him/her the protagonist.

And also, my network would have lots of game shows. Game shows which are similar to Game Ka Na Ba, 1 vs. 100 and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. When Game Ka Na Ba was terminated, it made me sad. I dreamt of joining that show but it ended before I try. Those kind of shows shouldn't be eliminated because they provided us entertainment while learning new information. It was in Game Ka Na Ba that I first encountered the term deja vu. It was also from that show that I had known that it is the element sulfur that makes durian have that strong odor. And also, capsaicin is the substance that makes a chili spicy. I didn't hear that from my science in highschool or even in college. If not for GKNB, I would never know about stuff like that. See? Those kind of shows are avenues for learning. I remember, GKNB was being replaced by Showtime. I know that the latter gives a lot of entertainment but I would still prefer GKNB. Yes, Vice Ganda humors me but STILL I would choose GKNB. They didn't know that every noon at home, I was always looking forward on watching it. It then ended and I was like, “NOOO!!!”

Yes, I would really be going to have my own tv station.
Would you watch then? hahaha..

But seriously, if I were a billionaire in dollar sense, I don't think I'd do that. I think it's a waste of money! It's a selfish, childish act. If I don't like what I'm seeing on tv then I would just shut it down and hope that the show would be a flop so that it would stop airing.(eww! evil much) There are much more relevant things to do with a money rather than putting up a tv station(hehe). I would just maybe donate to UP because Pres. Aquino is planning to cut the UP's budget for next year! It's really annoying! We expect that they would increase it but turns out that they're eyeing to cut the budget! I hear some reasons that our university could actually sustain itself even just a little help from the government. Well obviously, it's not. Because if it's really true, we wouldn't be reacting like this. I get one of their points, to give importance, give more concentration to basic education.. But that doesn't mean that you should sacrifice tertiary education for that.. Err, that's all. I hate talking about politics.

If I were a billionaire, no, I won't put up a tv station.  

September 01, 2011

On Friendship and Death in Scent of a Woman

One of the scenes that broke my fragile heart from the Korean drama, Scent of a Woman is when Hye Won expresses her anger to her best friend, Lee Yeon Jae, after finding out that her good friend is dating with an engaged man.

She is really mad not because she also likes the man but because her wise friend is having a stupid relationship. She knows that Lee Yeon Jae would just be hurt eventually with the said affair and she has to let her best friend understand that, even if it takes her to say hurtful words and disowning her as a friend.

True friends, friends who really care about you would not just say, "Go girl! If you love him, go for it even if takes a thousand pails of tears later on." True friends would stop you from doing something that everybody, even you, knows that is wrong. True friends are more often than not the sort of villains in your life, given that you are a pasaway kind of person, because they'd stop you from doing the stuff that you love or want. 

The scene below is the particular moment that led me to tears. Hye Won starts to walk out since she has already said what she needed her best friend to know.. When Lee Yeon Jae calls out and reveals...

Hye Won then understands why her friend chose to be in a silly relationship. From being consumed with hatred, she lets out a cry upon knowing of how pitiful her best friend's situation is.

True friends are the people who could feel the same pain as you have when bad things happen in your life. :'(

On the other note, I really feel sorry for Lee Yeon Jae. Well, we all feel sorry to those young people whose lives will be cut short soon because of terminal illnesses. Lee Yeon Jae has yet to experience many things. She delayed doing a lot of good stuff in order to have a better future. Only to know that there is no future that is waiting for her. :( I remember, I had a dream that I have a brain cancer. I cried my heart out and asked God, "why?". I said to myself that I have still to do, to accomplish, to fulfill a lot of things. It was really depressing. Good thing it was just a dream. But having able to dream that kind of nightmare, made me know what it's like to receive such disheartening news. 

Hay, Scent of a Woman is actually a romance comedy series! It is a comedy but a tear-jerker of numerous scenes, like that one above. It is still currently airing in Korea during saturdays and sundays. There are only four episodes left and I still don't want it to end. :(


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