September 21, 2011

Facebook group: K-POP lovers of UP Diliman

The group, K-POP lovers of UP Diliman, is created just last week and it has now more than 100 members, not that much but the numbers would surely climb for the next few weeks. It was Nisseth who added me to that group and it was her orgmate who created it. It delighted me, as in, that someone decided to make such one. It is just great to meet others from your own school even if it's just on a social networking site that share the same craze as you have. I must say that it is yet the best facebook group that I am a member of.hihi.

It is the first group that I actually engaged on chatting with the members. A member said that she's a BANA (a name called to B1A4's fans) and I can't help but comment because I'm a BANA too.

Amazing, that is, to find someone liking stuff exactly the same with yours in every details. I personally know three fangirls who like B1A4: two of my roommates, Nisseth & Hazel, and my sister. But we have different preferences when it comes to the members. Nisseth likes Gongchan and Jinyoung then she puts CNU at the last. While Hazel is biased with Jinyoung and Sandeul. And my sister is for Jinyoung alone. But that Ms. Deegee above, we are just the same and it definitely amuses me. Sometimes, thoughts come to me of why others don't like what I like and vice versa. It is just that, at some point you want a confirmation from someone that this person is indeed extraordinarily cute/charming/handsome/great. Yes, it is good that there is at least one person who agrees with you. It sucks, you know, to be the only one in believing on something. Thank you, Ms. Deegee, now I feel being understood. And it's a relief knowing that I'm not alone!hehe.

Jinyoung is one hell of a charming person! He sings well and he composes songs. Aigoo! I'm older than him!

He has the smile that could change a gloomy atmosphere into something bright. He is the best dancer in their group. And he's SEXY (No need for him to show some skin to prove that, it's already obvious in his built.) :D
B1A4 Hwaiting!

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

our eic in the pub is a big fan of k-pops... :)

ako hindi..hehe...but i admire their charm talaga :)


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