September 01, 2011

On Friendship and Death in Scent of a Woman

One of the scenes that broke my fragile heart from the Korean drama, Scent of a Woman is when Hye Won expresses her anger to her best friend, Lee Yeon Jae, after finding out that her good friend is dating with an engaged man.

She is really mad not because she also likes the man but because her wise friend is having a stupid relationship. She knows that Lee Yeon Jae would just be hurt eventually with the said affair and she has to let her best friend understand that, even if it takes her to say hurtful words and disowning her as a friend.

True friends, friends who really care about you would not just say, "Go girl! If you love him, go for it even if takes a thousand pails of tears later on." True friends would stop you from doing something that everybody, even you, knows that is wrong. True friends are more often than not the sort of villains in your life, given that you are a pasaway kind of person, because they'd stop you from doing the stuff that you love or want. 

The scene below is the particular moment that led me to tears. Hye Won starts to walk out since she has already said what she needed her best friend to know.. When Lee Yeon Jae calls out and reveals...

Hye Won then understands why her friend chose to be in a silly relationship. From being consumed with hatred, she lets out a cry upon knowing of how pitiful her best friend's situation is.

True friends are the people who could feel the same pain as you have when bad things happen in your life. :'(

On the other note, I really feel sorry for Lee Yeon Jae. Well, we all feel sorry to those young people whose lives will be cut short soon because of terminal illnesses. Lee Yeon Jae has yet to experience many things. She delayed doing a lot of good stuff in order to have a better future. Only to know that there is no future that is waiting for her. :( I remember, I had a dream that I have a brain cancer. I cried my heart out and asked God, "why?". I said to myself that I have still to do, to accomplish, to fulfill a lot of things. It was really depressing. Good thing it was just a dream. But having able to dream that kind of nightmare, made me know what it's like to receive such disheartening news. 

Hay, Scent of a Woman is actually a romance comedy series! It is a comedy but a tear-jerker of numerous scenes, like that one above. It is still currently airing in Korea during saturdays and sundays. There are only four episodes left and I still don't want it to end. :(

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