October 31, 2011

movie overload

I've been watching a lot of movies lately after my frustrating semester finally ended which happened last Thursday. I finished watching 10 movies: My Sassy Girl (Korean), Honey and Clover, Seasons Change, Night at the Museum, Step up 3, Pan's Labyrinth, Princess Mononoke, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The Lightning Thief), Hachiko and Burlesque. I would like to rank them, 1 being the most amazing film for me and 10 being the least appealing one.

Let's start with the movie that after 30 minutes, I yawned and wondered if I should finish it.
10.) Honey and Clover – is a 2006 Japanese film which is based from a manga of the same title. The plot isn't exciting. I was just watching the no-thrill lives of weird artists and of a low self-esteem, struggling architecture student. I also watched their depressing love life. Yamada likes a guy from her school who treats her just an acquaintance. That said guy who is Mayama loves his boss who is way older than him and sort of dumps him at the middle of the film. Then there's the main character, Takemoto, who likes Hagu, the girl who knows nothing but painting.

9.) Princess Mononoke – it is also a Japanese film, an animated one. I cannot appreciate the animation because I am well-exposed to the amazing creations of Disney and Pixar. I also found it boring, really boring. But I like the values they wanted to instill to the viewers, that war is never an answer on any dispute, that it is for us to take care of the environment and not the other way around and that inspite of differences we can still live in harmony with others.

8.) Night at the Museum – is a film for kids, which I did realize after watching it. The plot lacks depth since the film basically revolves around the conflict of how would the night-watcher deal without any disasters with statues in the museum that come to life every night. I put it at number 7 because it at least kept me from yawning which Honey & Clover and Princess Mononoke failed to do.

7.) Burlesque – the story is good. This film will ask you a simple question, “Are you bold enough to chase your dream, bitch?” Christina Aguilera is really good, you know, she's got powerful voice. And also, I didn't know that she's sexy. @_@ What I don't like though is their costume in their performances because they look like first-class GROs or prostitutes.hehehe.

6.) My Sassy Girl (Korean) – finally, I already saw it after many years. I think this film is the most famous Korean movie around the world that's why my friends who also love Korean flicks cannot understand why I haven't watched it until now. It is only 6th for me because I already knew the story. I watched the Hollywood version of the said film three years ago. But I still cried a lot! Waahh.. such a tear-jerker! The guy is so amazing. His love for the girl is really commendable. He can bear her violence, the punches, the kicks and the harsh words. If I were a guy, I don't think I could love a girl like that.

5.) Pan's Labyrinth – is a Spanish film. What is so good about this movie is that the antagonist really got into my nerves. I realized, it's easy to kill a human being like Ofelia's stepfather. He is really CRUEL! Grrrr!

4.) Percy Jackson – I like this kind of film since the Harry Potter movie. You know, that kind of story where the main character suddenly faces the very shocking reality that he's not a plain human being but a witch (for Harry Potter) or a demigod for Percy Jackson. Poseidon fell in love with a mortal and Percy Jackson is the fruit. One day, Zeus' lightning bolt, his most powerful weapon, was lost. He came into a conclusion (I don't know how he arrived to that very erroneous conclusion!) that it was the innocent Percy Jackson who stole it. The hero (Percy) must convince Zeus that he wasn't the one who stole it to prevent war, save her mom from Hades' hands in the underworld (other term for hell) who would only free her if Jackson gives him the bolt and fight the lightning thief.

I had fun watching it. It's good to see magic fights.hehehe. And also, this film educated me about Greek mythology a little.

3.) Seasons Change – is a 2006 Thai movie. It is sort of similar with Crazy Little Thing Called Love because it's about a young person who does whatever silly stuff for the one he/she loves. The difference is that it is a boy who falls helplessly in love this time around. It is really hilarious and cute. ^_^ I am not satisfied of the ending but what matters is what happens along the way. :) So this film is worth watching for me. 

One of the parts that made me laugh was when Dao told Pom that she's going to study abroad, to Budapest. When Pom got back to his home, he sat on his bed with drum sticks in his hands and shouted, "BUDAPESSSSSTTT!" He was the best stalker ever!hahaha.. following her even beyond seas..

The spot for number one is a battle between Hachiko and Step up 3. They are both great films. 

2.) Hachiko - is a dog's story. In the movie, it says that it is a story of loyalty but for me it is more about what really love means. :)) This film is really touching. It made me cry. Waaahhhh.. T_T 

1.) Step up 3 -  WOW! 'nuf said. Just watch it, you'll get why I put it at number 1. :)

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